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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Markdale

Maintenance around our home is task-specific, when a repair becomes the thing to do; we source for the right materials and tools to accomplish our simple tasks. You don’t want to get caught up in complicated home repairs because you aren’t a homebuilder or a trained contractor to carry out the work. This is important when thinking about roof repairs for your home, just because it looks easy, it isn’t. An eavestrough replacement in Markdale, a fascia replacement in Markdale or a soffit replacement in Markdale isn’t a task to take on yourself unless you understand the intricacies of how a roof works. Better to call a contractor for the work, and at AM Roofing Solutions this is what we do – roofing work to solve all kinds of problems that will afflict your roofing system.

Understand how the systems work, and why they fail


  • The inner working of an eavestrough is you want to call it that focus on one thing and that is getting water off the roof to the ground. This task is a two-part procedure – the eavestrough works with the downspouts to evict the water from the roof’s surface. There are many factors that can affect the eavestrough’s ability to work and that is the time when an eavestrough repair in Markdale becomes an important home repair. The construction of the eavestrough is what betrays its ability to work. An open face channel will catch all sorts of things in it and wet leaves and water are two things that will hurt the eavestrough. Damming of the leaves will force water back-up and in turn, the water will spill over – leaving puddles of water to drain at the ground. An eavestrough installation in Markdale will result if the problems are met in the early stages and it can be costly. You depend on your rain gutters for important work – water drainage – and a rain gutter repair in Markdale is one way to assure drainage. Of the rain gutters have been pierced or spilled a rain gutter replacement in Markdale is in order – can’t move water through cracked or open channels.


  • Apart form the fact that the fascia keeps the rain gutter attached to the house – it serves another key function for the roofing system. It keeps a gap between the shingles and the soffits closed – made of wood or aluminum-clad wood – the fascia stands in the way of water entering the interior roof structure. As mentioned in the eavestrough section, water can spill over the channels of the gutters and the first point of contact is the fascia. Wood rot or exposure to water will create a perfect storm for a fascia repair in Markdale. Depending on how long the problem has existed a fascia installation in Markdale will be the only solution for the problem – wood rot can be cured without replacing the strip – and it means you have fallen down on your maintenance responsibilities. The fascia can be a victim of other roofing problems that start in the attic and the damage to the fascia will be the same result. When you have an un-insulated attic, poor insulation in the attic or old insulation in the attic – it may not be able to keep venting heat from the house from reaching the shingles. In the winter this is a big problem if there is snow on the roof. The snow will melt when the shingles heat up; the solid is turned to liquid and water streams across the shingles. That is all well and good, but when the temperature recedes below freezing, ice dams form at the eavestrough and can force them away from the fascia. A two-fold problem - a fascia installation in Markdale to solve the problems and the ensuing costs to multiply due to the increase of the work. At this stage of the game, you should consider your options that start with an installation of a new fascia strip to prevent further problems from coming up.


  • Getting fresh air to the attic is the job of the soffit – is installed below the eavestrough and is a panel that contains many small holes that act as the channels to allow air into the attic. If the holes become plugged, a soffit repair in Markdale is a common repair – it requires blowing out the dust and dirt from the soffit and the air return system is back in shape. If the soffit has sustained damage because you have had water spillage over the rain gutters a soffit installation in Markdale should be taken. If wood rot and mold has infected the other areas the vapour will be carried into the attic and mold spores will infect the roof. Another problem that blocked soffit holes causes is overheating in the attic. Warm, moist air heats our homes and it rises – generally through to the attic. If you don’t have fresh air stabilization to force the warm air out the vents it will impact the roof’s supports. Dry wood like the rafters and trusses - become saturated by the vapour - and sag or rot – bad news if your homeowner, and big repairs to come.

When you contract AM Roofing Solutions for any of the problems that have been outlined here, you can rest easy and be comfortable in the knowledge that we have over 60-years experience working on problems like those mentioned. An eavestrough replacement Markdale, a fascia replacement Markdale and a soffit replacement in Markdale are all subject to our 10-year warranty for workmanship for our consumer’s protection.

Markdale residents should know that they could reach out to us anytime they need help and we are there in their hour of need. For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate and free inspection call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Markdale

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