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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Mar

Many times we are detecting that we need home repairs we end up treating the symptoms not the causes of the problems and it to our detriment. We have eroding shingles on our roof, we replace a few shingles but the problem is back with a vengeance and we aren’t sure why. It might be because we have little or no attic insulation that is causing the shingles to fry – not the weather. It is like that with roofing problems; it may not be what you see causing the problems, and it will be what you don’t see that creates the havoc that a roofing system will experience. The cause of the problems will generally mean an eavestrough replacement in Mar, or a fascia replacement in Mar or a soffit replacement in Mar because you aren’t getting the baseline of the problems on your roofing system. You need a contractor who has experience finding the causes and that is the job for us at AM Roofing Solutions.

Eavestrough, fascia, and soffit, confederates in roofing system protection


  • The eavestrough on the roof is responsible for moving the water it receives from the shingles to the downspouts and to drain away from the house. It stands to reason that you need to keep the eavestrough clear if there is junk taking up space in the channels less water will move and if the backup becomes too much for the channels to hold, water will spill over eh sides of the channels. An eavestrough repair in Mar will help get water to the water to the right place. If you have more going on in the channels than debris – like cracks or s split – an eavestrough replacement may work best under the circumstances. You want to keep the rain gutters working well because your roofing system depends on them and we you need a rain gutter repair in Mar, don’t wait, do it today. Or, you can wait and a rain gutter replacement in Mar will be waiting for you.


  • Sitting just at the edge of the roof, the fascia is wood or aluminum-clad wood strip that runs around the house to cover the gap between the roof’s edge and the building. If water is running over the channels of the gutters, it will hit the fascia first. If the fascia is an older strip of wood lath, wood rot or mold will take up residence in the track that the fascia covers, infecting other parts of the roofing system too. Because you are dealing with long strips of wood, you may be able to get away with a fascia repair in Mar as a means of stemming the problem. If the rot has gone too far, a fascia installation in Mar will be the last resort to solving the problem. Another thing that can hurt the fascia is poor attic insulation. Hot air rises, that is what science tells us, and when hot makes its way into the attic, it will help the snow melt on your roof. Water to the gutters is good, it becomes a problem when temperatures drop. The water re-freezes at the rain gutters and forces the gutters to move away from the fasteners leaving a gaping hole between you gutters and fascia. Water down the side of the house will pass the fascia first and it will mean a costly expense come spring.


  • Fresh air is the life’s blood in an attic, it needs regulated temperatures to keep the shingles working in good shape because they aren’t exposed to overwhelming heat from the house. The cool, dry air comes from the soffit – it is a panel that runs around the house that sits below the fascia. The perforations in the panels give the air the opportunity to enter the roofing system. If the holes are blocked by dirt or dust, the temperature in the attic will rise as it is affected by warm air coming from your house and the hot air won't be sent to the vents for release, a soffit repair in Mar will help correct that trouble. Humidity is the trouble here; warm air in the attic becomes wet air that is absorbed by the trusses and rafters. If you have ever seen a house that has a bowed roof it is because the supports got wet and sagged due to poor soffit operation. Then a soffit installation in Mar is the required prescription for the ailment.

After more than 60-years in the roofing business, we at AM Roofing Solutions have seen these problems and have the expertise to deal with them and the skill to provide the work the problems require. When we complete an eavestrough replacement in Mar or a fascia replacement in Mar or a soffit replacement in Mar the workmanship will be guaranteed for a 10-year period that our warranty covers.

For homeowners in Mar, contact us if you see signs of trouble on your roof and we can make short work of whatever problem you are facing. For a no-obligation meeting, a free inspection and free estimate, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.  

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Mar

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