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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Lions Head

To be thrifty is not a crime in our society, with costs rising and wages stagnating, it has never been more important to get our money’s worth from the things we own. That includes our home and the systems that run them – we want to stretch them out before we replace them – but we need to be focused on what constitutes a repair and what will cause a full-blown replacement. It is finding the sweet spot that will provide financial security for a homeowner and keep their home in a good state of operation. A roofing system needs to be attended to on a regular basis and if you get to the problems early – small costs for an eavestrough replacement in Lions Head, a fascia replacement in Lions Head or a soffit replacement in Lions Head can be accessed. Call us at AM Roofing Solutions when you think your systems are suffering and we will get those problems straightened out to keep your home protected.

The jobs of an eavestrough, fascia, and soffit – working for you


  • Your eavestrough is the water carrier of the roofing system; it receives water from the top of the roof and takes through the downspouts for eviction from the system at ground level. Simple enough; but there is always something that will affect the eavestrough’s ability to move water because it is an open channel and materials will build up. Wet leaves and dirt will clog the channel and over time the clog will be a dam that blocks water from moving. An eavestrough repair in Lions Head will help dislodge the clogs and get water moving through the channel. If water spills over the sides of the channel it will end up running down the side of your house and damage other parts of the roofing system. Wet leaves and water are heavy and the weight is beyond most eavestrough’s ability to support the weight and an eavestrough replacement in Lions Head will be in order to bring the problem to heal. Working rain gutters keep your home protected and a rain gutter repair in Lions Head is never the wrong decision because it will keep you from making a rain gutters replacement in Lions Head, avoiding the increased costs of the work.


  • The impact that overflowing water has on roofing system is a big problem and it can be felt across the entire spectrum. At the fascia – a strip of wood lath that closes a space between the roof and the decking – wood rot can be the result if too much water is streaming down the side of the house. When water is running down the fascia, wood rot is the result – depending on how long the water has been pounding the fascia will be directly proportionate to the size of the fascia repair in Lions Head. Wood rot can run down the entire lath strip in the side of a house and a fascia installation in Lions Head should be done to prevent the rot from spreading any further. Another problem that impact the fascia and it isn’t of its own making is the lack of insulation in the attic. Warm air will travel to the upper reaches of the house vent to the shingles. If snow is on the roof it will melt and the water will run to the rain gutters. Once the water re-freezes, ice dams will damage the fascia by pulling the gutters from the fascia. Water drainage problems begin, as does the need for a repair or an installation of the new fascia.


  • Our cars need clean air to burn fuel – that is the principle of the combustion engine, but our roof system needs fresh air to keep a warm dry environment in the attic. It is the job of the soffit to get the fresh air to the attic through the holes in the panels that make up the soffit. As a rule of thumb, if your attic is warm, the soffit isn’t getting enough fresh air to the attic to regulate the temperature. It might be cases of a few of the holes in the panels are plugged and a soffit repair in Lions Head might be all that is needed to fix the problem. If the attic is hot, a soffit installation in Lions Head can be the only way out of the problem – you don’t want warm moist air sitting in the attic. The warm, moist air in the attic will hurt your wooden supports – joists and rafters – they absorb the humid air and it will cause a sag or a twist to the supports. Once that is the case it is a roof restoration is the only thing left to do to get your roof back to where it needs to be.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been in the roofing business for over 60-years time and we take pride in our craft as one of the top roofing companies in southwestern Ontario. An eavestrough replacement in Lions Head, a fascia replacement in Lions Head and a soffit replacement in Loins Head are covered under our 10-year workmanship warranty for a homeowner’s protection.

Reach out to us when you think you have a problem and we will be there for a solution. For a free estimate, no-cost meeting and a free inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Lions Head

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