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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Leith

Home repair come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – from a touch of paint here to a patch there, minor repairs can be handled well with little trouble. Bigger problems with plumbing or a roofing work need the services for a contractor to get the job done. Let's face it, how many people know to do when needing an eavestrough replacement Leith, or a fascia replacement in Leith or a soffit replacement in Leith? Our company, AM Roofing Solutions will lift all the stress off your shoulders when the time comes for the type of repairs or roofing work that you have no ability to provide.

Eavestrough, fascia, and soffit, do I repair or replace?


  • It doesn’t take the Wisdom of Solomon to determine how to deal with your roof problems, just knowing what causes them will help go a long way to getting the right roof repair at the right time. Knowing the job of the specific system that is in peril also helps when the time comes to make decisions. An eavestrough takes water from the roof and sends it to the ground through a network of downspouts that surround the house. Many things can cause an eavestrough replacement in Leith, but the most prevalent problem is buildup in the channels. Wet leaves will have a big impact on the channels and cause problems moving water. Channels that have filled with debris will force water over the sides and that means it isn’t getting to the downspouts. If the damage is sustained over a long period of time an eavestrough replacement in Leith will be what should be on tap for your home. It is imperative that the rain gutters get the water off the roof – if it sits because of clogs in the channels –a rain gutter repair in Leith should be able to help. If there are cracks, holes or splits in the channels a rain gutter replacement in Leith should free you from the pesky problems affecting drainage from the roof.


  • If you have water leaking from the rain gutters, you can bet that the fascia will take a big hit on the damage front. Fascia is made of wood or can be an aluminum-clad strip of wood to protect it from water damage. The fascia is a strip that runs around the roof and keeps the decking protected from water as it the seal for the gap below the eavestrough. Wood rot is the scourge of a roofing system and a fascia repair in Leitch could get you out from under the problem. Wood rot travels like the plague if part of the strip has wood rot; you have to be very careful you don’t repair a strip that will only become rotted in a year or two’s time. Many times a homeowner will enact a fascia installation in Leitch as a means to get out front of the wood rot and prevent mold from taking hold in the fascia. One problem that the fascia didn’t cause but will sustain the damage for is poor attic insulation. Less than R-40 insulation density or old insulation will allow warm air from your home to rise through the attic and hit the shingles, melting any snow on the roof. The snow, converted to water, will run for to the rain gutters but re-freeze when temperatures return to below freezing. That will make for ice dams at the eavestrough, and as the ice expands it pushes the eavestrough away from the fascia, dislodging the eavestrough from the fascia. Larges gaps are the result and water everywhere when the spring thaw comes, and a large repair too.


  • It is not just humans that need fresh air for survival; your roofing system needs it too. Specifically the attic – we mentioned how hot air gets in the attic and can melt snow – well that is only the half of it. Warm, moist air creates balmy temperatures in your attic and that isn’t the place for ocean-like temperatures. The soffit helps restore fresh air to the attic and get the hot air to the vents and out of the attic. When it doesn’t create an air return the soffits will need a soffit repair in Leith – it might a few clogged perforations that need to be blown out and fresh air moves in the attic again. It keeps the trusses and rafters protected from balmy conditions – your attic will be close to room temperature when you have problems a clear sign something is wrong. If the attic is hot, a soffit installation in Leith will be the best course of action to correct the problem and protect your roof’s support structure.

For over six decades we have been helping homeowners get through problems that they are experiencing with their roofing system and our work is well respected. When we provide an eavestrough replacement in Leith, a fascia replacement in Leith or a soffit replacement in Leith we warranty the workmanship for a 10-year period.

To get the help you need for roofing problems, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions and we can make your problems disappear with a repair or replacement. We are at your disposal for help when you need us; please call for us at AM Roofing Solutions for a free inspection, a free estimate, and no-cost consultation today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Leith

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