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Eavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In Hanover

Neglect can cause heartbreak, we see it in many intersections in life and the saddest three words in the world are ‘what might’ve been.’ Regret and remorse are brothers that are joined at the hip – so; in order to avoid regrets, we need to be on top of our responsibilities to keep them from growing beyond our control. Our roofing systems are one place where we don’t want to have regrets, probably because of the risks involved and financial hardship an expensive roof repair can be. An eavestrough replacement in Hanover, a fascia replacement in Hanover and a soffit replacement in Hanover come with an expensive price tag, but it the result of neglect that will cause the financial pain. When you know problems are taking over your roofing system, call us at AM Roofing Solutions to get the help you need to tame the problems and save money on repairs too.

Eavestrough, soffit, fascia – know the problems


  • Nothing gets the water off the roof like an eavestrough, water is collected and shipped to the eavestrough for movement through the downspout system and on to the ground for release. If the eavestrough is working at less than 100 per cent it could be because material or junk have been lodged in the channels blocking water movement. That is the time for an eavestrough repair in Hanover – inexpensive and quick to do – and it prevents the problem from growing over time. If neglected, the debris can cause damage to the open channels and the only thing to correct the problem is an eavestrough replacement in Hanover. An eavestrough with cracks or holes is no eavestrough at all, and water drainage problems end up at the foundation if you aren’t careful. A working rain gutter is just what your home needs to keep invasive water from causing problems all across your residence, a small rain gutter repair in Hanover keeps water in check and away from the house. If a repair won’t contain the water a rain gutters replacement in Hanover will.


  • The fascia is a strip of wood that runs around the house at the base of the roof where it meets the side of the side of the house. It is installed to prevent water from getting in and because it is made of wood, water is its enemy. If the fascia has to deal with too much water – like spillage from rain gutter channels, wood rot is inevitable. If you notice the problem in the early stages a fascia repair in Hanover might get your over the hump – but in general is better to have a fascia installation in Hanover to give your fascia a fresh start. The fascia is at the mercy of the attic insulation in your home – too little insulation means shingles will fry and if there is snow on the roof another problem is created. Melting snow and the runoff it produces is a good thing when it draining through the gutters. But freezing temperature create ice dams at the roof’s edge and in the channels – it will create an opening between the fascia and the edge of the building or cause a split in the rain gutter channels. Leaking water is a problem when spring comes and it could be right in your basement if you aren’t careful.


  • Your roofing system needs to take a deep breath – and the soffit is the vessel to provide it. The soffit is a panel, and the panel has small holes drilled in it to allow air to vent into the attic, as the soffit is affixed below the fascia. When the holes in the soffit are blocked; it reduces airflow. That is bad because your attic needs to a cool, dry place – the joist and rafters depend on it. Hot air will rise from a home and end in the attic – when the soffit is working – the warm moist air is moved out the vents and the temperature is static. If humid conditions in the attic persist – the joist and trusses will be absorbing the wet vapour - and they can twist or bow leaving your roof poorly supported. One way to get the hot air out of the attic is with a soffit repair in Hanover – if you can’t get the temperature regulated, a soffit installation in Hanover will bring the mercury back to where it needs to be.

Our company has been making short work of all the problems you can experience with your roofing system and after over 60-years in the business it would be the expectation, not the exception. An eavestrough replacement in Hanover, a fascia replacement in Hanover and a soffit replacement in Hanover are all covered under our warranty – a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

We are at your service when you need us for roofing work, for a no-cost meeting, a free estimate and a free inspection call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.Eavestrough, soffit and fascia repair and installation in HanoverEavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In Hanover



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