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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Flesherton

It is always tough to admit what we can’t do, and its humbling experience for sure, but vanity plays to make home repairs, is a time to swallow our pride and remember people train long and hard to develop a level of expertise the rest of don’t have. Take roof repair, for example, it is a lot harder than it looks and requires a great of knowledge and ability to achieve results. A homeowner can detect problems, but do you want to provide an eavestrough replacement in Flesherton or a fascia replacement in Flesherton or a soffit replacement in Flesherton if you don’t know what you are doing? That is the time to call a contractor for the work and at AM Roofing Solutions we have what it takes to meet the challenges head-on and come up with viable solutions to tame roofing problems.

Common problems with important systems on your roof


  • The eavestrough is the unsung hero of any roofing system, it moves water to the ground and it prevents water damage by doing so. One of the drawbacks of an eavestrough is the very design that helps it work – the eavestrough has an open face that will collect not only water but also leaves and other debris. Once the wet leaves and debris form clogs it creates a dam of sorts that prevents water from moving. When that is the case, water spills over the sides of the channels forcing an eavestrough repair in Flesherton. Sure, you can get the eavestrough cleared out, but what about the fallout from the damage that water or debris has caused, and how to deal with it. That is the time when we inspect the channels – damaged channels that are pierced or have cracks need to be replaced though and eavestrough installation in Flesherton. Keeping the rain gutters in a decent state of repair should help drainage from the roof and if not a rain gutter repair in Flesherton will service the problem. Often times, we see the rain gutter problems when it is too late for a repair and a rain gutter replacement in Flesherton is the only way out of the jam you find yourself in.


  • You will find the fascia underneath the eavestrough and it is a sealer for an open gap that is found at the base of the eavestrough. The fascia is made of wood – in older roofing systems –or an aluminum-clad wood strip for new roofing systems. As water spills from clogs in the rain gutters, it makes contact with the fascia first before descending down the side of the house. Water will kill old fascia quickly and a fascia repair in Flesherton will be what is required to correct the situation – providing, of course, the damage is minimal. If the problem is just coming to light, but the effects have had a pronounced impact on the fascia, a fascia installation in Flesherton will provide the necessary coverage for a homeowner with a distressed roof. You could say that the fascia is impacted by other problems in the roofing system and the results of the problems will create bigger problems outside if not taken care of. Poor insulation will hurt the fascia and here’s how: Warm air from your home will filter into the attic, and the temperature change will cause snow to melt. The water will move towards the rain gutters to drain, so far, so good. But, the temperatures will fall and the water will freeze, making ice dams on the roof. Those dams are usually at the eavestrough, and the force of the water freezing is what forces the eavestrough away from the fascia.


  • To keep your roofing system in great shape temperature regulation is an important part of the work. The regulation comes from the soffit that is below the eavestrough and soffit. It is a panel that has small holes punched out and those holes are what let fresh air into the attic. If dust or dirt interrupts the flow of fresh air to the attic – a soffit repair in Flesherton should improve airflow. If you have problems with the gutters and fascia, you will need and a soffit installation in Flesherton as a means of blunting the damage that has bee sustained by the other systems and prevents it from infecting the soffit. Too, if you don’t have fresh air moving into the attic, you will not be able to force warm air out of the attic through the vents. This is a catastrophe and has major implications attached to it. Warm. moist air or vapor will get into the supports of the roof – trusses or joists – and over time it will affect the supports ability to hold up the roof. You’ll notice a sag or a bow in the middle of the roof and you will know that problems have been festering for some time and a major roof repair in your future.

For the past 60-years, we at AM Roofing Solutions have been dealing with problems and executing solutions to keep a roofing system dry and healthy. An eavestrough replacement in Flesherton, a fascia replacement in Flesherton, and a soffit replacement Flesherton are all insured under our 10-year workmanship warranty, and it is a guarantee we stand behind.

In Flesherton, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to get your roofing system up to par with our excellent service. For a free roof inspection, a no-cost meeting and free estimate, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Flesherton

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