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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Chesley

We live in a complicated world, where the complex challenges of our society require the services of an expert in the field for whatever we need. No more can Dad go out into the driveway and turn a carburetor, he has to take the car to the shop to get the fuel injection system back in tune. In our homes, systems designed to make out lives easier have made them more complicated, but when you look at a roofing system, there is no technology to it – it remains the same as it has for many years. When you need an eavestrough replacement in Chesley, a fascia replacement in Chesley or a soffit replacement in Chesley, call an expert to handle the work. At AM Roofing Solutions we have lifted the burden off a homeowner’s shoulders with our abilities to make the necessary repairs to their roofing systems are known across southwestern Ontario.

How a roofing system works and what interrupts its abilities to do so


  • To get water off your roof you need a number of things to work right to achieve the goal of drainage. Working with the downspout is the eavestrough; it gets water from the roof and moves it along the open channels to the downspouts where it is transported to the ground. If you start to notice that the water isn’t moving quite as fast at it once did, you may some debris lodged in the open channels of eh eavestrough and an eavestrough repair in Chesley will help speed up the drainage. Once you have the eavestrough open it is clear sailing for water, but keep in mind the reason the drainage has slowed is that water may be leaking from the eavestrough and an eavestrough replacement in Chesley is the repair solution that is appropriate for the situation. It is a small price to pay to have clear rain gutters and when they need to be emptied via a rain gutter repair in Chesley, it is money that is well spent. If the clogs in the gutters have caused material damage to the rain gutters a rain gutter replacement in Chesley should be enacted right away to prevent water damage to other areas of your home.


  • The fascia is a strip of wood trim or aluminum- clad wood – the aluminum was used as a form of waterproofing to protect the opening that the fascia covers – it closes the area at the roof’s edge and the susceptible to water damage from a couple of different sources. If you have rain gutters that are leaking water, the water first encounters the fascia before going to the ground. Water will cause wood rot and the aluminum will peel as the wood insert rots – this is a problem that a fascia repair in Chesley can seek to mitigate. But you never know how bad the rot is until you pull the strip off and contractors will advise customers for their own good to have a fascia installation in Chesley in case the rot is deeply embedded in the wood fascia. The fascia faces another problem and it is generally victimized by it – poor attic insulation will leave a fascia in bad condition when the problem occurs. Snow will melt when the roof temperatures exceed freezing – part of the temperature increase is due to hot air rising from the house to the attic and from there, it heats up the shingles. Water moving in daylight is great; water freezing after sundown forms ice dams and that is when the fascia is damaged. The dams will form at the eavestrough and cause a rift between the eavestrough and fascia – the forced movement of the fascia is what damages the fascia and lets the water stream through the gap.


  • Recycling air into the attic the job of the soffit – it is a panel that runs around the house and it sits under the eavestrough and fascia and it has holes in it for ventilation. When warm air rises to the attic, it is warm and moist and can turn to vapour – once the vapour is present in the attic, anything dry will absorb the vapour. Have you ever seen a house that has a bowed roof? It is because the soffit can't get air to the attic – a fascia repair in Chesley might help erase the problem. But the sag means long-term problems with the fascia and a fascia installation in Chesley is the only choice to make to prevent a cave-in of the roof due to rotten joists or rafters. Too, the warm moist environment is a petri dish for mold growth and it could be dangerous to put off the fascia repair you so dearly need.  

After more than 60-years service in the roofing business our company has made repairs our calling card as one of the best all-around roofing companies around, For an eavestrough replacement in Chesley, a fascia replacement in Chesley or a soffit replacement in Chesley, we are your roofing company and our work will be guaranteed by a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Chesley residents have confidence in our services and they tell their friends and neughbours to contact us when they need help. For a no-obligation consultation, a free inspection and a free estimate call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Chesley


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