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Eavestrough, Fascia and Soffit Repair and Installation in Tiverton

When you evaluate your roofing system the first place you can take stock of the situation is at the shingles. They are the most pronounced item that is on top of your house, when trouble comes it is likely to start at the shingles. Certainly, other factors can come into play but it is the shingles that are on the front lines when taking hits from the weather. Working with the shingles is other systems that help drain water maintain temperatures in the roofing system and where would a roofing system be without the eavestrough, fascia and soffit to help with the protection of the home?

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions can help with any problems that you are experiencing with the support systems that make up a roofing system and over 60-years experience tells the story. We have a solid background providing an eavestrough replacement in Tiverton, and our commitment to best industry practices is our calling card. A fascia replacement in Tiverton will receive the same treatment as will a soffit replacement in Tiverton and we guarantee it with a 10-year labour warranty. Keeping up with the needs of your roofing system should be a catalyst to getting the work done because it isn't about the costs but the results for roofing work.

Teamwork on the roof, how the eavestrough, fascia, and the soffit integrate


  • You need a fully functional eavestrough to get water off the roof to the downspouts and then it is released on the ground away from the house. Impediments can impair the performance of an eavestrough and the impediments like debris or leaves will cause problems that an eavestrough in Tiverton will solve. Buildup and water create an extra weight for the eavestrough to support and when the weight becomes too onerous for the eavestrough damage ensues. That means an eavestrough installation in Tiverton will need to be contracted to repair the extensive damage. Another problem with the rain gutters that isn’t of its own making comes from water that is frozen and turns to ice. Once ice dams form at the edge of the roof at the gutters, water will stream through, you may get away with a rain gutter repair in Tiverton, but, depending on the extent of the problems a rain gutter replacement may need to be applied to get the gap closed up.


  • The fascia is a strip of wood or aluminum-clad wood that runs around the base of the roof at the eavestrough edge to create a layer of protection for the interior of the roofing system. Often times, a fascia repair in Tiverton may be able to correct problems that are afflicted the fascia, but wood rot can run deep and that is a cause for a fascia installation in Tiverton to keep water out of the roofing system. A fascia installation in Tiverton is key repair for a homeowner to make as it save thousands of dollars and costs very little in the big scheme of things.


  • The soffit could be considered the lungs of the roofing system; it takes air in and forces air out of the vents on the roof. The soffit sits below the fascia and has puncture holes to let air in. The cold air that comes from the soffit makes hot, moist air rise and out through the vents. This serves a number of purposes for a roofing system, it keeps the temperature relative in the attic, heat won't rise through the roof and fry the shingles and helps protect the rafters and joist from warm, moist air. When the soffit is taking in less air because the holes are plugged or wet air is present because the fascia is infected, a soffit repair in Tiverton may be to localize the problem and save your roofing system. In the event that the entire soffit system is impacted by mold from wet, moist air coming from the fascia, a soffit installation in Tiverton will be needed to restore fresh air return to the attic. Making the commitment to a soffit installation in Tiverton will help alleviate bigger problems going forward and reduce home maintenance bills in the process.

An eavestrough replacement in Tiverton, a fascia replacement in Tiverton and a fascia replacement in Tiverton is what we do well as the premier roofing company in southwestern Ontario. In Tiverton, town residents look to us at AM Roofing Solutions for leadership when they have roofing problems and they will contact us when the need arises. For a free roof inspection, a free estimate and no-cost meeting call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900

Eavestrough, Fascia and Soffit Repair and Installation in Tiverton

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