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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Durham

When the layman looks at a roof he or she sees shingles, whether they are cedar of fiberglass, or composite materials that is the first impression of any roofing system. Because shingles are a bit of a distance from the ground it might be difficult to determine if there is any damage, so we tend to ignore what is out of sight and out of mind. But a roof is more than just sheets of shingles that cover decking; it is a series of interlocking systems that work together to provide a host of services that protect your home. If one of the support systems fail, we at AM Roofing Solutions will be there to take the necessary action to remedy the problem and bring your roofing system back to peak operations. Your eavestrough is a mover of water from the shingles to the downspout and away from your house. As an open channel, it has been known to become a catchall for all manner of things like tree branches and leaves that will inhibit the channel’s ability to move water. When that happens, it may be time for an eavestrough replacement in Durham to get the water flowing and keep the other parts of the roofing system working well. Attached to the eavestrough, or more to the point the supporter of the eavestrough is the fascia, it covers the edge of the roof around the entire house and keeps water and moisture out of the interior of the roofing system. When damage has been sustained by the eavestrough, it can wreak havoc on the fascia. If water is spilling over the rain gutter channel due to blockage, prolonged exposure to the fascia will cause wood rot and a fascia replacement in Durham could be the final solution for a rotting strip of trim. Underneath the fascia is the soffit and its function is to circulate fresh air into the attic and in turn that cool air forces unwanted hot air out the vents. When the fascia has been subject to damage, moisture can infect the soffit and cause mold. Also, the moisture can move along any wooden structures causing the damage to spread and a soffit replacement in Durham will be a required repair to keep the system working well.


Roofing components and problems that can affect them


When debris accumulates in the eavestrough it not only slows the flow of water to the ground it can cause a spill over effect and water will run down the fascia and the walls of the house. If the problem is just a small amount of buildup in the channel, an eavestrough repair in Durham will get the system functional again. Another problem that debris causes is leaks and punctures in the rain gutter channel and they can be addressed with an eavestrough repair in Durham. If the problems aren’t detected quickly, a new eavestrough installation in Durham can be the only solution to keep the water flowing to the ground while protecting the side of the house and the foundation from unwanted water flow. A big problem for the eavestrough is caused in the attic due to incomplete attic insulation. When an attic is under insulated, it accumulates heat and that heat is released to the shingles. In the winter, it causes the snow of the roof to melt and the runoff is sent to the eavestrough. That’s a good thing right? Well no, during the day the water will flow, but when temperatures drop, the water will freeze and ice dams form. The ice dams can cause an entire section of the eavestrough to be damaged and a new eavestrough installation in Durham will be the solution to rectify the problem. If the attic is poorly insulated you can count on damage around the entire house and it will be an effective problem solution to have a new eavestrough installation in Durham running around the circumference of the edge of the roof as well as an attic insulation top-up.



When any of the problems that are affecting the eavestrough manifest themselves, they spill over to the fascia and cause problems there. Water spilling over the channel due to buildup in the channels will cause water to run across the fascia and after a long period of drainage across the fascia water damage will occur. If the situation is caught early enough a fascia repair in Durham can fix the problem and get the water moving through the channel. When water has been running across the fascia for a longer period, wood rot and mold are a byproduct of the water damage. If the problem is recognized early, a fascia repair in Durham can be achieved by cutting out the infected areas. The only way to truly know just how bad the situation is to remove the fascia to look at the inside of it, and what looks like a small repair becomes a new fascia installation in Durham because the damage has spread along the strips of fascia and the damage has gone unseen. When you are experiencing and ice dam problem and you have the rain gutters pushed away from the fascia, a new fascia installation in Durham will be required because the fascia will be split or have holes in it from the eavestrough hardware attachments. When you have an ice dam problem, it is best to have a new fascia installation for the entire roofing system, along with more attic insulation in the roof to prevent the problem form developing the following winter.



A soffit is the air-return for your attic, it brings in cool air and the cool air will force out warm air that is building in the attic. When the eavestough and fascia are under pressure from problems that afflicting the roofing system, the soffit is taking on damage too. As water transfers from the eavestrough and fascia, moisture infiltrates the soffit and it can transfer the moisture to other internal roofing components. When you have a repair preformed on the rain gutters or fascia, a soffit repair in Durham makes sense to prevent further unseen damage from infecting the rest of the roofing structure. Also, mold and wood rot will be a byproduct of the moisture and it can spread rapidly if undetected. You can’t see it from the underside of the soffit, so to find out how bad the damage is you will need to peel back the soffit strip to determine if a soffit repair in Durham will work or a new soffit installation in Durham is necessary to bring the problem in check. Nine times out of ten, a new soffit installation in Durham is the only solution to enact due to the unseen nature of the problem and as an act of preventative maintenance for the roofing system.

At AM Roofing Solutions we have been a going concern in the roofing business for well over six decades providing solutions for the thorniest problems based on experience and expertise in the roofing industry. When a rain gutters repair in Durham is necessary to keep the water moving we will be there when you need us. If the problem is bigger and a rain gutters replacement in Durham is the only answer, all you have to do is ask and we will take care of business.

When residents at the base of the Bruce Trail need roofing work in Durham, they know whom to contact, they call us at AM Roofing Solutions. For no-obligation free consultation and inspection call us today at 1.519.371.1500.

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Durham


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