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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Chatsworth

A roof’s construction takes into account a number of different disparate items that make up the protection your home enjoys from the weather. To function properly a roofing system has to have all the components working in concert at peak efficiency to do what it was intended to do. Apart from covering your home, a roofing system needs to be able to move water from the top of the house to ground and away from house to prevent water damage. Also, other components like the fascia and soffit have functions that works together to provide specific results that help with home protection. At AM Roofing Solutions we have spent many years correcting problems with roofing system support systems that has put us at the top of our field in the roofing industry. The eavestrough acts as the water collector that moves water from the shingles to the ground and away from your foundation in conjunction with the downspouts. The eavestrough also collects debris like leafs and branches from trees that can cause the water flow to slow down or stop depending on how much debris has built up. An eavestrough repair in Chatsworth will adjust the problem when water isn’t moving to the downspout and in turn protecting the fascia from water damage. If the eavestrough is full of debris, water will spill over the edges of the gutter and pour down on the fascia. Over time, the fascia will start to bubble and blister due to exposure and a fascia repair in Chatsworth along with work on the eavestrough will keep the two systems working well together. The fascia is the trim along the edge of the roof and it protects the decking and the trusses from exposure to the elements and also holds the eavestrough tight to the side of the house. If the eavestrough and the fascia are experiencing difficulties, the soffit will certainly have damage that will need to be spoken to. As water permeates in the fascia and causes it to be wet, the moisture will bleed into the soffit and cause wood rot and mold damage and that will in turn be released into the attic proper, as the soffit is the fresh air return to the attic to regulate temperature. If rot or mold is appearing on the soffit, a soffit replacement in Chatsworth will save the interior roofing components from damage. If moisture gets into the decking and trusses, it can cause the roofing system to sag and create a large roof repair that could have been avoided if regular maintenance would have been performed.


Eavestroughs, fascias, and soffits, problems and solutions


Eavestroughs collect water and anything else that flies through the air and the waste that accumulates causes the eavestrough to perform at less than peak efficiency. Depending on how much clutter is in the eavestrough, an eavestrough repair in Chatsworth can help get the water moving to the downspouts and to the ground. If leaks appear in the channels, sometimes a patch can serve as an eavestrough repair in Chatsworth, but the holes or the splits could be to great to repair and a new eavestrough installation in Chatsworth is a worthwhile endeavor to keep your roof in good condition. One of the biggest problems that affect an eavestrough comes from the attic. Attic insulation is paramount to good roof health and if there isn’t sufficient insulation excessive heat builds up in the attic. In the summer it means shingle damage, in the winter it means melting snow and a wave of water to the eavestrough. During the day, an eavestrough may be able to handle the runoff, when temperature falls below freezing, the water forms ice dams at the eavestrough and it pushes the eavestrough away from the fascia creating a gap between the house and the rain gutter. When that happens the eavestrough is virtually a spent force and an eavestrough installation in Chatsworth is your only choice to prevent further damage.



If the eavestrough is experience water spill over, the fascia is bearing the brunt of the drainage and the water is running right down the side of the house. If caught early, a fascia repair in Chatsworth is a simple project that will be reasonably inexpensive. If the fascia has been exposed to winter’s ravages, a fascia repair in Chatsworth is out of the question and a new fascia installation will prevent the damage that has been done from spreading to other components to the roofing system. Generally speaking, if you are replacing your eavestrough a new fascia installation should be conjoined into the project as an upgrade whether it is needed or not. It is important to maintain the integrity of the fascia as it is the trim that covers the interior roofing system that protects the trusses and decking from exposure to outdoors.



The soffit is another piece of the puzzle that needs care and attention to keep it working well. The soffit takes in air and transfers it to the attic to keep temperatures in line with outdoors. If the fascia is taking water damage, the soffit will become damp and in that case wood rot and mold will set. If there is minor wood rot, a sectional replacement as a soffit repair in Chatsworth can help take care of the problem. But, if the moisture damage and mold have spread through and entire section of the soffit a soffit repair in Chatsworth will be inadequate and a new soffit installation in Chatsworth is the next thing to be done. It is important to maintain a dry and mold-free, moisture-free soffit system because moisture will penetrate the decking and trusses in the attic and cause the roof the sag and along with a new soffit installation in Chatsworth, trusses and decking may need to be included to renew the structural integrity of the roof as a whole.


Our company, AM Roofing Solutions has over 60 years as a top-down roofing company and we have been dealing with problems of all shapes and sizes over that time. If a rain gutter repair in Chatsworth is what we recommend, you can rest assured you are getting the best advice in out industry. If the problems are bigger than a repair and rain gutter replacement in Chatsworth is what takes care of the situation we will provide a quality installation that befits our expertise.

When the community that sits at the headwaters of six rivers requires roofing work, the residents of Chatsworth can call us at AM Roofing Solutions today to obtain a free consultation and home inspection at 1.877.281.6900. 

Eavestrough soffit fascia installation and repair in Chatsworth

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