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Attic Insulation in Wiarton

Technology has been enlisted in the war against climate change and it has produced some unique innovations to meet challenged posed by fossil fuel burning. Some of the results have led to other discoveries others have been rejected as too expensive or impractical. One project that flies under the radar is attic insulation in Wiarton as method to combat he effects of climate change. Homes with inadequate attic insulation in Wiarton spend 40 per cent more on heating costs because heat leaks out of attics that aren’t properly insulated. That means a homeowner with no attic insulation in Wiarton is contributing to climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases by unnecessarily burning fossil fuels to heat their homes. Experts in the field of energy conservation have been sounding the alarm bells on this problem for years and more people are taking up the challenge to reduce their fossil fuel consumption with new attic insulation in Wiarton as a response. There is a huge incentive to retrofit your attic with new attic insulation in Wiarton and it comes in the form of cash. Any homeowner who upgrades his attic insulation in Wiarton can realize a 20-30 per cent savings in heating costs year over year and that turns into quite a sum in a few years.

The burning question here though, is how do I navigate my way through attic insulation in Wiarton when I’m not a skilled professional?

Simple answer, you hire a skilled professional like us at AM Roofing Solutions for your retrofit for attic insulation in Wiarton. Our consultants have many years experience dealing with the ins and outs of attic insulation in Wiarton and we can develop a plan for your home that will provide all the benefits that new insulation promises.

Attic insulation in Wiarton, the right choice

  • Saving money and planet come with a price and new attic insulation is the most economical project for energy conservation available. The price for the work is offset in less than two years, and the savings accumulate from there.
  • It is important to do your due diligence when you hire someone to install attic insulation in your home. Certified, professional contractors need to be sought and references checked for veracity before you green light your installation.
  • After you have found a certified professional, and he installs the insulation your shingles will – or more to the point, your shingle warranty will come into play. We a certified contractor installs the insulation; it will stop any heat leaking to the shingles. That is a good thing because the shingles have an aversion to heat release and can be damaged quickly if they are over exposed to heat leakage. The warranty period can extend for many years – some as long as 50-years – ad the warranty is a valuable asset for anyone selling their home as the warranty can be included as part of the sale.
  • Social responsibility for the environment is a governmental responsibility and the provincial government in Ontario is doings its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with regulations. For attic retrofits, the density rating for attic insulation is now set at R-20, but house size, lifestyle and regional climate aren’t factored in to the new the regulations. Our experts have all the answers to the questions that will crop when assessing attic insulation requirements and you can always add more insulation than we advise because the savings will be achieved in the long run.
  • Before we can install the blanket of protection known as the blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation we need to take out any existing materials from your attic. This is done with a large vacuum to create a clean work environment before we begin.

The layer of insulation that will be installed comes from the industry leader in fiberglass insulation, Owens Corning. They manufacture EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation that created in 1934 and developed into the best product available. EcoTouch Pink maintains its’ density, the most widely used by contractors and is green – 73-per-cent recycled fibres.

We have worked with Corning on many projects over many years and they recognized that we are a top-fight roofing and insulation company with a special certification. We are the only Canadian company to be certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, a certification we hold dear.

In the past 60 years, our company has provided support for the roofing and insulation business in many communities across Ontario. Our name is synonymous with quality-workmanship and excellent customer service and our longevity is directly related to those two qualities.

Wiarton is home to the Wiarton Willie Festival every February, and community residents know they count on AM Roofing Solutions when they need roofing or insulation work done on their homes. For a free estimate, consultation and home inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Attic Insulation in Wiarton

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