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Attic Insulation in Southampton

The last time you were in your attic you may have been putting winter clothes into storage for next year or you are storing baby furniture or depositing memories to taken out at a later date. For most people the attic is the space between the roof and the living area and bears no special importance. But your attic could be a money for nothing proposition is you don’t have adequate attic insulation in Southampton. Experts studying energy sue and conservation have stated in many reports that heat loss of 40 per cent of a home’s heat use is correlated to a lack of attic insulation in Southampton. That, in turn, means homeowners are unwittingly contributing to climate change because they are burning fossil fuels in excess to heat heir homes because they have poor attic insulation in Southampton. Burning fossil fuels created greenhouse gases the number one cause of climate change and installing new attic insulation in Southampton will help reduce the problem through conservation. When you install attic insulation in Southampton, there is return that can be a financial windfall over time for the conservation efforts you enter into. The same experts that warned us about excessive fossil fuel use also advise us that a savings of 20-30 per cent a year can be had when you install new attic insulation in Southampton.

For many years our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has been crafting conservation plans that use attic insulation in Southampton as the centrepiece of the plan to help reduce heating costs while protecting the environment.

Attic insulation in Southampton, warm up and save

  • All the reports tabled to date say that attic insulation is a great energy conservation plan that has few rivals. What most reports failed to mention is that the cost of new attic insulation in Southampton is relatively inexpensive home renovation project to complete. The cost of attic insulation in Southampton can be recaptured in approximately two years.
  • The first step in a successful attic retrofit is finding the right party to do the work. It is imperative that you chose a professional, certified, insured contractor to complete the job. The contractor’s skill set should have a great deal experience in insulation installation and he should be local to your region with work references to be checked for veracity.
  • Once the contractor has been chosen and he completes the work, a unique benefit specific to the shingles can become active. Shingles are vulnerable to heat and when exposed to heat they will degrade. When a professional installs the attic insulation it stops heat leaking through the roof and protect the shingles. When that situation is created, a warranty that comes with the shingles will be in force and it could up to 50-years long.
  • To retard the effects of climate change the government is using regulations and laws to help with changes in lifestyles to reduce our collective carbon footprint. One of the regulatory changes is in the building code and how it pertains to attic insulation. For those who have an attic insulation upgrade, they need to install enough insulation to create an R-20 density rating in their attic. A fine stat to be sure, but home size, lifestyle and temperature will make the decision a difficult one. Our experts have navigated all the ins and outs of the new regulations and we can form a plan that is tailored to your home. If you think you want more insulation to complement what we have provided in the way of a recommendation, the savings will be there to enjoy later.
  • If you have old insulation in the attic, it need to be removed before the blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation is installed. It is done through suction and the machine we use is similar to household vacuum on steroids.

There are many insulation manufacturers, but none the calibre of Owens Corning. For the last 70 years they have made roofing and insulation products and we use their best product, EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation. EcoTouch is very dense, very green – 73-per-cent recycled material – and is the contractor’s first choice for loose fill fibreglass.

Working in conjunction with Owens Corning for many years, they come to respect our work in a way they respect no other Canadian company’s work. We are the only company in Canada to be certified a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Corning products and we highly value that certification.   

Companies come and go, and over 60 years in existence we have seen our share of competitors fall by the wayside for a number of reasons. The reasons we have lasted for over six decades amounts to two simple things: Provide quality-workmanship at a fair price and be sensitive to our customer’s needs and you will enjoy a long and fruitful term in business.

On the shores of Lake Huron, Southampton is a well-known retirement community and bedroom community for local towns. When retirees or residents need to have problems with their roofing or insulation addressed they contact AM Roofing Solutions. For a complete home inspection that is free of charge with no-obligation consultation call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Southampton

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