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Attic Insulation in Red Bay

Every year, in the fall, you gird for winter and prepare your house for the effects that cold temperatures will bring. You get the furnace tuned up for the coming heat season and prepare other energy conservation plans you may have. If you haven’t checked your attic, then all the plans you have made will go for not.


Poor attic insulation in Red Bay is responsible for large energy bills every winter and most people don’t know it. Poor or no attic insulation in Red Bay is directly responsible for a loss of heat through the attic. Studies indicate in no uncertain terms that a lack of attic insulation in Red Bay costs homeowners 40 per cent more in costs than homes with good attic insulation in Red Bay.

Energy conservation specialist have reiterated time and again that there are big savings available when you upgrade your attic insulation in Red Bay and the savings are well worth it. Up to 30 per cent of yearly heating bill can be recovered when new attic insulation in Red bay is installed and that is a significant amount of money over time. Using less energy through conservation is a boon for the environment because when you burn more fossil fuels than you need due to poor attic insulation in Red Bay you are accidentally driving climate change.

To reduce your energy use and save money, contact us at AM Roofing for all the help you need to develop a plan to save money and the environment. Our experts have years of experience in the business and we can help you with your personal attic insulation retrofit that will be to your benefit for many years to come.  

Attic insulation in Red Bay, making a move in the right direction

  • Saving money and the planet come with a price and for most home renovation projects the costs are high and the return comes many years down the road. When you install new attic insulation in Red Bay, you should know that the cost recovery process is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 18-24 months. Once they costs have been returned to your wallet the savings roll in year after year.
  • We all want to make the most of every dollar we spend and the best to do when installing new attic insulation in Red Bay is to hire a professional contractor. The value in a certified attic insulation contractor for your upgrade can’t be underestimated. When you hire a contractor for your retrofit for attic insulation in Red Bay, you should be cognizant of a couple of factors. The need to have certification is important, experience goes without saying and some local references should help sway the decision too.
  • A certified contractor has been hired and provided a quality installation of your new insulation and something good comes from it. A warranty on your shingles is activated when you use a professional contractor. Here’s why: shingles can stand excess heat and when the shingles are subjected to it they will wilt. A certified contractor’s installation prevents this as the insulation is spread evenly and thoroughly throughout the attic stopping heat release. The warranty – from 10-50-years – is the byproduct for a vigilante homeowner and the best part f the warranty is it is mobile. Meaning, it can be deeded to a new owner should you sell during the term of the warranty.
  • In Ontario, there have been changes enacted by the government to reduce the effects of climate change and some those changes come in the form of new laws and new regulations to limit consumption of fossil fuels. The building code has witnessed amendments and one amendment affects attic insulation. By decree, levels of attic insulation installed for any attic retrofit must be at the R-20 density level, but there is a catch or two to deal with. First, house size, local temperatures and lifestyle will have an impact on the decisions made for any retrofit. Our consultants have years of experience working with homeowners to develop plans for their retrofit to meet the new guidelines and if after a consultation you want more insulation it won’t hurt.
  • You have checked off all the boxes for your attic retrofit, but you have one problem that has gone unaddressed. You have material in your attic from a previous installation and you don’t know what to do about. It is no problem, when we arrive to install your blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation we take out any offending materials that may be present and then we commence with the installation.

The loose fill we use comes from Owens Corning, the alpha dog of attic insulation products, and their top-drawer product, EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation. EcoTouch maintains its density better than any other product, has a high concentration of recycled materials – 73-per-cent – and is the choice of contractors across the province.

Owens Corning has a long and storied reputation in the roofing materials and insulation business – 70 years and counting – and they have chosen our company for a stellar certification. We have been certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Corning materials and it is the first certification they have awarded in Canada.

Our history in the roofing business isn’t quite as long as Owens Corning – we haven’t been around since the 1930’s, but we have seen our share of work in the last 60 years. There are two reasons why we the staying power we do and that is because we provide quality work and pay strict attention to our customer’s needs before our own.

Red Bay sits peacefully on an inlet of Sky Lake that is home to cottagers and local residents alike. When roofing or insulation concerns have locals looking for help they know they contact AM Roofing Solutions to allay their concerns. For a no-obligation home inspection that comes with a free estimate call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Red Bay

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