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Attic Insulation in Pike Bay

Transitioning to a low-carbon lifestyle requires changes to be made and new ideas to take over when old ideas have become obsolete. One of the changes involves how we heat our homes and a way to reduce high-energy costs that are the result of fossil fuel use is great place to start. Check in your attic, if you don’t have any attic insulation in Pike Bay, you know that you are burning more fuel than necessary and are contributing to climate change through excess greenhouse gas emissions. Studies in energy use tell us that 40 per cent heat loss occurs when there is no or inadequate attic insulation in Pike Bay and it comes with costs that provide no value. That means you are burning almost twice as much fuel to heat your home in the winter because you have poor attic insulation in Pike Bay and it is easily avoided. When attic insulation in Pike Bay is installed the experts say that savings on a heating bill can be as much as 30 per cent per year for a homeowner.

It sounds good, but you need an expert in the field of attic insulation in Pike Bay to help with work and AM Roofing Solutions is first and only choice to get he project off the ground. Our group of seasoned professionals has helped homeowners achieve energy security with new attic insulation in Pike Bay and our skills are ready when you call.

Attic insulation in Pike Bay, nothing fishy about it

  • The last piece of financial information that is pertinent for a retrofit for attic insulation in Pike Bay is the cost. Most homes will see the cost for attic insulation in Pike Bay recovered in two years or less – depending on lifestyle – and then the savings pile up with each passing year.
  • Whoever you chose for retrofit for attic insulation in Pike Bay should hold qualifications that detail their abilities to install insulation. A professional, certified contractor is the first place to start, and the contactor should have a background in attic insulation installation. A professional will hold licensing or registration in his community of origin and it would be an advantage if the contractor has completed local projects that can be checked for quality before any overtures are made to conduct the work.
  • Once you have filtered the out the competition the job can begin in earnest. A certified insulation contractor will meet the industry benchmarks that will ratify the work as genuine and that bears significance. Warranties on the shingles depend on it – heat release through your home imperils the shingles in a way the sun won’t. Shingles will crumble when they have exposure to heat radiation from the home and that will void the warranty if the insulation isn’t installed correctly. The warranty can be a term of 10-50-years and it can be provided to a new owner should you sell your home.  
  • Climate change is forcing governments to make changes in laws and the building code to reflect a trend in conservation that will slow greenhouse gas emissions. In Ontario, the building code has been changed to reflect insulation density and it is set at R-20 for any new retrofits. Before any insulation is laid, your personal situation should take on a role of influence in the decision-making process. House size, temperatures, and lifestyle have an impact on your insulation needs and we can help address those needs. More insulation can always be added beyond the building code standard, as the savings will be there in the long run.
  • There are some who say that you can layer new insulation over old insulation but it really doesn’t work. For blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation to be effective it needs to be applied to a clean surface. If your attic holds old insulation in it, we can remove it with a vacuum before we begin your installation.

There are many different varieties of loose fill fibreglass insulation, but one is synonymous with quality and that is Owens Corning. They produce EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation – the only product we use – and it is a testament to their product development. They invented fibrelgass back in the 1930’s and have taken it to the limit of the insulation horizon. EcoTouch is by far the greenest insulation on the market with 73-per-cent recycled glass fibres, has density strength and contractors choose over any other product.

As the father of fibreglass insulation and an industry leader in roofing products, Corning has a long shadow in our business. They have certified our company with their Platinum Preferred Contractor designation and it the first and only Canadian certification at this time.

It’s hard to believe we just celebrated our Diamond Anniversary in the roofing business. It seems like it was just yesterday when a small crew and one truck went out to provide quality-roofing work to perspective customers and friends alike. When you celebrate an anniversary of such magnitude it gives one pause to reflect on what made our company a success. Excellent workmanship and a sensitive disposition to our customer’s requirements and you have our secret to success.

Pike Bay hosts the annual Chantry Fishing Derby that draws locals and out-of-towners to the shores of the bay for a little action. When the residents of cottage country determine they need work in their attic or on their roof they contact AM Roofing Solutions for help. For a free estimate and a no-obligation home inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Pike Bay

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