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Attic Insulation in Oliphant

Keeping a lid on household expenses could be considered a full-time job if you didn’t already have one to keep up with the expenses and they grow with each passing year. A homeowner sometimes needs to be creative with the way money is managed to meet the constant demands for more. One creative way to manage costs is through home improvement projects that can lower costs over time and the best project a homeowner can take on is new attic insulation in Oliphant to reduce heating costs. Major university studies in energy use tell us that 40 per cent of heat loss occurs through poor attic insulation in Oliphant and that is problem. The unintended consequences of a lack of attic insulation in Oliphant are the emission of greenhouse gases from the home. Greenhouse gases cause climate change and when you reduce your consumption of fuel through conservation that new attic insulation in Oliphant provides it reduce emissions in turn. When you think that it is a good time to upgrade your home with new attic insulation in Oliphant, there are big savings for your heating bill. The same university papers say that a savings of 20-30 per cent can be achieved with new attic insulation in Oliphant, and those savings roll over every year. Our company, AM Roofing, has a long history of providing advice to people ho seek to reduce their heating costs through attic insulation in Oliphant and our experts can develop a plan unique to your home.

Attic insulation in Oliphant, meeting the challenge

  • We’ve seen the problem and we’ve seen the solution to high heating costs, the last thing we need to know is the cost of new attic insulation in Oliphant. Many factors will dictate the overall costs for new attic insulation in Oliphant, but the good news is the cost can be retrieved in a short time period – most in less than two years for those make the investment.
  • The next step in the plan for attic insulation in Oliphant is to hire a reputable contractor to complete the work. Municipal licensing and certification for attic insulation are two keys to selecting a qualified contractor, as are references. If you can check out local work done by the contractor you can gauge whether his past performance will indicate a good future effort when he insulates your attic.
  • Two benefits come from using a professional for your attic retrofit, not to mention the protection it affords your roofing system. When a professional meets the challenge of the installation, it will stop heat leaking through the attic to the shingles. This is of high value because shingles weren’t made to stand the damage heat can do to the product and it will render them ineffective over time. The professional installation will trigger warranty protection to become active and the warranties on shingles can be 50-years, so it is important to conduct the installation with a professional.
  • To battle the effects of climate change the provincial government is using regulations and laws to help homeowners reduce energy consumption and new regulations in the building code will help. The province has changed the building code to reflect their commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gases and has set a level for attic upgrades. The R-20 density requirement will be welcome but it has a couple of holes to fill. House size, temperature and lifestyle all play a role that determines the amount of insulation to purchase and our experts will help get your attic up to code. After a thorough consultation with our expert, you can decide that more is the way to go, the extra costs will be reflected in future savings.
  • An attic insulation retrofit means installing blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation and it is a simple task. No need to stress about old insulation – we remove it with a large vacuum before we begin – to give the new insulation the best opportunity to provide comfort for your home.

The loose fill insulation that will install in your home comes from the king of insulation and that is Owens Corning. Corning gave birth to fibreglass in their lab back in the 1930’s and it has become the quintessential product for contractors everywhere. EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation holds density well over time and is green as grass with 73-per-cent recycled glass making up the fill.

As the largest supplier of roofing material and insulation to our market, Owens Corning holds a place of reverence in our industry. They have certified out company as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, a highly sought after certification that is the only one that has been issued in Canada.

Our company history dates back some 60 years and over time we’ve grown like an acorn becomes an oak tree. Form one truck and a small, dedicated crew to multiple locations and many employees and you understand that we are a going concern in our business. Our success is based on quality-workmanship and our strict adherence to our customer’s needs for roofing and insulation and that has kept us growing all these years.

Oliphant is in cottage country and sits in the Sauble Beach area of the Lake Huron and they host many visitors every year. When residents have concerns about their roofs or insulation they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no cost inspection and free estimate that comes with a consultation call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Oliphant


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