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Attic Insulation in Markdale

Every time you see the mailman or get an online bill for your home’s energy use you cringe because the astronomical amount of money it costs to heat your house is financially draining. The best way to the beat high costs for home heating is through new attic insulation in Markdale. Studies and white papers in the field of energy conservation tell us that poor insulation is responsible for 40 per cent heat loss through our attics and the only way to stop the heat loss is with new attic insulation in Markdale.  Burning more fuel than you need is certainly a hardship to avoid and the results of the excess fuel use have repercussions for the environment. Extra fuel use due to a lack of attic insulation in Markdale causes excess greenhouse gases to be emitted and those gases cause climate change. When you get control of heating bill with new attic insulation in Markdale, you can restore your financial security and prevent noxious gases from being emitted from your home. Included in the studies was information about how conservation will help though attic insulation in Markdale. Savings on energy bills can be as high as 30 per cent when you install new attic insulation in Markdale and that savings is for the life of your home ownership.

To meet your energy challenges, we are here to help, at AM Roofing Solutions.  Our service coordinators have many years developing and implementing conservation plans that require new attic insulation in Markdale and our team is ready to make your plans become a reality when you contact us.

Attic insulation in Markdale, just the facts

  • Lots of benefits are available when you install attic insulation in Markdale and based on costs it is the best decision you can make. The cost to install attic insulation in Markdale is reasonably inexpensive in comparison to other home improvement projects and the price id redeemed in two years or less.
  • To access the benefits, you need a seasoned professional contractor who is certified as an insulation installer to complete the task. Local registration or licensed in the municipality where you live should be paramount to the selection process. Also, it would be helpful to derive a reference or two before you make arrangements with a contractor so you can evaluate the work done previously.
  • Once the contractor is selected and he completes the work as contracted, a warranty for the shingles can be valid if the terms of the warranty are met. The terms are predicated on a professional install to protect the shingles from heat loss through the attic. When the insulation has covered the floor of the attic heat loss will be stopped and in most cases the warranty – anywhere for 10-50-years is activated. The warranty can be a value-added feature of the sale of your home as it can be passed to a new owner at point of sale.
  • To spur conservation efforts in the area of fossil fuel use, the government has re-examined the building code and made changes for attic retrofits. Through the force of the building code, any insulation installed will be at an R-20 density rating or higher to be within code. Our team of coordinators can meet the challenges posed by the change in regulations when they devise your conservation plan. And not to worry, if you think that it is better to add more insulation is never a bad decision. The new regulations have considered six of a house, temperatures or lifestyle, so the insulation installation should be tailored to your situation.
  • Before the installation of the blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation starts, extracting any material that is in the attic now is the first step. You don’t need to hire a special company to do the work; we bring a large vacuum for an extraction of any material to create a clear environment for the new insulation.

For many years we have used Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation for our work because it comes with distinct advantages for the homeowner. EcoTouch maintains its’ density well, is green – 73-per-cent recycled – and is the first choice of contractors everywhere.

Creating and maintaining a solid business relationship with Owens Corning happened organically, and through that association we have been certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, the only Canadian certification to date.

Our company’s history dates back the 1950’s and over the course of 60 years we have developed a strong reputation in our business. Quality-workmanship and being sensitive to our customer’s needs have propelled us up the roofing ladder and kept us there all these years.

Located in Grey Highlands, the village of Markdale has a rich history that sates back almost 200 years. When roof damage needs repair or insulation needs to be installed the villagers contact us, AM Roofing Solutions. For a no-obligation inspection and free estimate call us today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Attic Insulation in Markdale

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