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Attic Insulation in Lion's Head

Any homeowner will tell you that it is important to insure your asset, your home, against any calamites that could befall your family. Lightning strikes, fires happen and the cost of repairs would be beyond most people’s reach without insurance. When you install new attic insulation in Lion’s Head, it is akin to buying insurance for heating bill. Not many people know this, but poor attic insulation in Lion’s Head is responsible for a 40 per cent increase in heating costs because the heat is going right through the roof. Many studies in energy use have confirmed this fact and the only way to cut costs is through new attic insulation in Lion’s Head. Another point worthy of consideration is the emission of greenhouse gases through excess use of fossil fuels due to a lack of attic insulation in Lion’s Head. Burning more fuel creates unnecessary greenhouse gases and the installation of new attic insulation in Lion’s Head will be an act of conservation that will help with environmental protection. The cost containment through the installation of attic insulation in Lion’s Head will return 20-30 per cent of the heating costs to the homeowner, and that savings rolls over year after year.

To realize the cost savings and environmental stewardship that new attic insulation in Lion’s Head brings, contact our company, AM Roofing Solutions to plot your course. Our experts have mapped out many successful plans for attic insulation in Lion’s Head and we are ready to assist you with your plan.

Attic insulation in Lion’s Head, roaring into a better future  

  • There are lots of advantages to installing new attic insulation in Lion’s Head, but one thing most people don’t know is how inexpensive it is to install. The price for new attic insulation in Lion’s Head can be recouped in less than two years and it is significantly less than many other home improvement projects.
  • You don’t want your mailman installing your attic insulation, nor do you want a certified, professional contractor delivering your mail, so it is important to find a qualified contractor who you can evaluate before you hire them. Licensed, certified to perform insulation installations, and a local work record are some of the details to consider before you make decisions with regard to the contractor of choice.
  • When you have found a licensed, certified contractor to install your insulation, you can reap the benefit of the warranty that comes with the shingles that are covering your roof. Shingle warranties can run for many years – some up to 50-years long – so it is important to have professional installation. Shingles are heat sensitive and if the absorb too much heat through leakage from the attic; they will become damaged and ineffective putting the entire roofing system in peril. The warranty for the shingles is portable so to speak as it can be provided to the next homeowner after you sell you home.
  • The problem of climate change is being met head on in Ontario and the government has enlisted many different tools to help fight it. One of the tools involved in attic retrofits is the initiation of a minimum of insulation to be installed for all attic retrofits. The new density rating starts at R-20, but you need to factor in other details before you sign on the line for insulation. Home size, temperatures and lifestyle come into play and our experts can lead you down the path to meet the new regulations of building code. If, after careful consideration you have decided that more is better, we won’t deter you from that decision because the savings are there for available in a couple of years.
  • The blanket of blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation needs to applied to clean surface to achieve maximum value from the installation. If you have material in your attic, it is no problem, because we have the equipment to remove it and is part of the service we provide.

To create a warm and cozy environment in your home we use the industry standard for attic insulation and that comes Owens Corning. Their EcoTouch Pink fiberglass insulation is the top of the mark and the first choice of contractors all over Ontario. Owens Corning is the father  of fibreglass - they invented it in 1934 – and have refined it to the product it is today. It maintains its’ density well and is extremely green in comparison to other products on the market – made up of 73-per-cent recycled fibres.

At AM Roofing Solutions we have been meeting the challenges of the roofing and insulation industry for many years and we have used Owens Corning products for many of the jobs we have performed. Over time, Owens Corning has taken notice of skill and expertise and they have awarded out company with a unique certification. We are the only Canadian roofing and insulation company to be certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor and it is a prestigious certification to be sure.

We have over 60 years as going concern in the roofing and insulation business and our success is directly tied to our approach to our work. Quality-workmanship and attention to our customer’s needs, no matter how small, has been the secret of our success.

Lion’s Head is a community in the near north of Ontario and holds the distinction of being the only Ontario town to sit halfway between the Equator and the North Pole. For roofing and insulation work, the town’s folk contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to solve any problems that may arise. For a free consultation, home inspection that comes with a free estimate, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Lion's Head

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