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Attic Insulation in Leith

Another winter and another astronomical heating bill and you’ve done everything in your power to reduce consumption and it hasn’t worked. Your floors were always cold and it seems like a draft of cool air wafted through the house all the time. The problem, a lack of attic insulation in Leith is causing you to use extra energy. Without proper attic insulation in Letih, you are losing 40 per cent of your heat through the roof for no appreciable benefit. That fact comes from researchers who study energy use and conservation and they have stated that poor attic insulation creates extra costs and problems of a more significant nature. Limited to no attic insulation in Leith causes a home to burn more fossil fuels than it needs to and it releases greenhouse gases through emissions. The emissions are the catalyst to climate change and to reverse the trend new attic insulation in Leith is a must to help protect the environment. When you take the plunge and install new attic insulation in Leith, a cost saving benefit is waiting for you. The same experts who told us about heat loss tell us that attic insulation in Leith can have a positive financial impact on your household bottom line. Savings of 20-30 per cent per year on heating costs can be realized when you install new attic insulation in Leith and those savings add up quickly.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been advising people about the virtues of attic insulation in Leith for many years and our dedicated team can create a personalized plan to reduce your energy consumption when you upgrade your attic.

Attic insulation in Leith, taking control of your heating bills

  • Attic insulation in Leith is a cost-effective way to mitigate staggering heating costs and it is relatively inexpensive when it is measured against other conservation plans. The overall cost for an attic retrofit can be clawed back on heating bill in just under two years time and from there the reduction adds up to a princely sum.
  • To make the most of your attic retrofit, you need a proven professional, certified contractor to provide the work. A local registration with the municipal government is a good start, as is local work that can be vetted to determine legitimacy. And that will help determine if the contractor you are reviewing has the skills and abilities to meet the requirements of the work.
  • After a professional has been enlisted to perform the retrofit, two distinct benefits come to the fore and they are well worth having. Shingles have sensitivity to excess heat, and when shingles are exposed to the constant glare of heat they become damaged. A professional insulation installation will prevent the heat from leaking to the shingles and that means the warranty for the shingles is can be activated. Shingle warranties can have a lifespan of 10-50-years and they stay with the house if you move and become the property of the new owner for the duration of the warranty period.
  • The Ontario government is taking an aggressive stand against the effects of climate change and they are employing many different tools to help fend off the effects. One of the tools they are using is in the building code and they use of mandatory minimums for attic insulation density. The new rating calls for R-20 density to be installed in all new retrofits and while that is welcome news it fails to meet the diversity of Ontario. Temperature, lifestyle, and house size will all have a role to play in the decision when determining your personal level of attic insulation density and our team can help with good counsel. If you feel that your needs mean more attic insulation, ramping up from R-20 to higher rating won’t hurt in any way.
  • In order for the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation to be installed a clean surface is required for maximum protection. If your attic has material present, no need to worry because we bring an industrial-sized vacuum with us to remove any materials that are in the attic before we install your retrofit

Loose fill insulation comes from many different sources, but the best we can buy comes from the industry leader, Owens Corning. They manufacture EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation and it is the most sought after by contractors across Canada because is extremely dense, and very green – 73-per-cent of the fibres are recycled materials.

Owens Corning has been manufacturing insulation for the last 70 years and they pioneered fibreglass in their lab, so you could say that Corning is the Godfather of insulation. Corning has certified our company as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for their products and we hold the only Canadian certification at this time, an honour we are extremely proud of.

In the past six decades of our existence we have provided a great deal of work to many, many people across the province and our success is predicated on simple things that provided us our longevity. We know the customer is always right and we give the customer quality work for their hard-earned dollars and that has won the respect of all of our customers.

Leith is located on an inlet on Owen Sound Bay and the summer is full of recreation activities for residents and visitors alike. Roofing and insulation work is our calling card and Leith residents will contact us at AM Roofing Solutions when they have any questions about their home. A no-obligation meeting and a home inspection that comes with a free estimate are yours when you call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Leith

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