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Attic Insulation in Howdenvale

You have successfully navigated another winter without a bankruptcy or re-mortgaging your home and you’re feeling pretty good about it until you talk to a neighbour. You compare the heating costs for both homes of similar size and energy needs and his bill was astoundingly lower than yours and you have no idea why. The short answer is a lack of attic insulation in Howdenvale is the culprit for the high- energy bills you’re experiencing. Forty per cent of your heating bill is being wasted because you have poor attic insulation in Howdenvale, and that is money going up in smoke. Many major studies in energy conservation and energy use have detailed that heat release through an attic due to poor attic insulation in Howdenvale is a problem that has a solution, but homeowners need to be aware of the problem first. To get your costs under control – and it has been well documented by the science community – new attic insulation in Howdenvale is the best course of action and the returns can be large. For every home retrofit with new attic insulation in Howdenvale, a homeowner can expect savings of 20-30 per cent per year on the home heating bill.

When you want to get a few hard-earned dollars back in wallet with new attic insulation in Howdenvale, contact our company, AM Roofing. We have years of expertise designing conservation plans that use new attic insulation in Howdenvale as the centerpiece and we will help you get your costs under too.    

Attic insulation in Howdenvale, coming of age in the new millennium

  • The problem has been framed and a solution has been identified; now we need to look at the costs of new attic insulation in Howdenvale. Home renovation projects can run in area of thousands of dollars for a return far done the road. When you decide attic insulation in Howdenvale is a project to take on, you upfront costs will be returned to you in less than two years, far quicker than other projects that promise similar savings in the long run.
  • To squeeze the most out of your attic retrofit, you need to hire a professional to conduct the work. A certified contractor with years of experience has the expertise to get the job done right. When shopping for a contractor, start with local contacts that way you can check references and review previous work to an indication of the effort you will receive from the contractor you hire.
  • The contractor has come in and installed your insulation and it has been spread across the attic and everything seems to OK with the work. But there is a small surprise waiting for you when you use a certified contractor. Shingle warranties that can run for as long as 50-years come into force and that is the kind of insurance every homeowner can benefit from. When heat release is restricted to virtually zero, the shingles will last for the life they have been manufactured for. Shingles don’t take excess heat well and will degrade if they have too much exposure to heat release and that can void the warranty if the insulation isn’t installed correctly. If you chose to sell your home after the professional installation, the warranty can move the new owner as a bonus asset of the sale.
  • Climate change is the biggest enemy that the environment has and the government is meeting the challenge head on to stem the tide of change. In Ontario, many changes have occurred and one such change involves the building code. To reduce fossil fuel use, the building code demands that all retrofits meet the criteria of R-20 density to be considered within code. This is an excellent first step, but with every blanket pronouncement it comes with caveats. House size, temperatures and lifestyle need to be evaluated before any insulation is purchased and if you aren’t sure what you need our team of experts will be only to happy to help. After we have provided the advice you require, you can always add more insulation your attic and reap the rewards over time.
  • As part of the installation process for your blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation, any old material in the attic must be removed. Rest assured we are prepared for any eventuality as we bring a large-sized vacuum with us to take out any product that may be there before we begin.

Our supplier for the loose fill fibreglass insulating is the only name in insulation Owens Corning. They make the best product available, EcoTocuh Pink insulation and more contractors than not chose it for their work. Corning invented the product over 70 years ago and has developed it to be the most resilient from a density standpoint and it the greenest product – 73-per-cent recycled.

As the biggest name in our business, Corning has made a career out of supplying the roofing and insulation industry with quality products and they have awarded our company with a great certification. We are a Platinum Preferred Contractor for their products and that is the only certification awarded in Canada.

We have been in operation since the 1950’s and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way that has served us well in all our endeavours. First off, we meet a high standard of quality in our work and we are extremely attentive to our customer’s needs with regard to their specific work and we treat them like family.

Howdenvale is a picturesque cottage community located in the southern area of the Bruce Peninsula and was first named Golden Bay when settlers moved to the area. Cottagers and residents in Howdenvale contact us at AM Roofing Solutions when they need work done on their roofs or in their attics. For a no cost assessment and free home inspection that will see you receive a free estimate call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Howdenvale

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