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Attic Insulation in Hepworth

To keep your home warm in the winter is a daunting task, the price of fuel, windows and doors that may not be sealed well and you have the makings for a recipe for disaster if the problems aren’t taken care of. After making adjustments to areas you can see, you heating bill is still in the stratosphere of costs and you are at the end of your rope as to why. Take a look in attic and what do you see, joists and floorboards?

If that is the case you should be aware that you have no attic insulation in Hepworth and is the source of your high-energy costs. Studies in the field of energy use and conservation tell us that homes with poor attic insulation in Hepworth are more susceptible to heat loss than homes with proper attic insulation in Hepworth. The studies state emphatically that the cost to the homeowner is 40 per cent of the overall heating bill going up in smoke through the roof without proper attic insulation in Hepworth. Another factor that is more critical than a waste of money is the damage you are doing to the environment with inadequate attic insulation in Hepworth. Burning fossil fuels for heat releases greenhouse gases that drive the climate change train and when you have limited or no attic insulation in Hepworth you are spewing gases that hurt the environment.

But there is some level of salvation when you install new attic insulation in Hepworth through reduced costs on your heating bill. Estimates have been pegged at 20 per cent on the low end and 30 per cent savings on the high end when new insulation is installed in your home. And don’t forget, those savings run every year, year after year.

To meet financial and environmental challenges head on, call us at AM Roofing, to upgrade your home with new attic insulation in Hepworth. Our staff has many upgrades to their credit and we can dispense a plan that will help return your home to the cozy place you thought you were getting when you purchased it through the installation of attic insulation in Hepworth.

Attic insulation in Hepworth, go green

  • For any retrofit that promise energy savings that sound too good to be true they usually are. A lot of projects have long periods before a return is realized but that isn’t the case with an attic retrofit. The costs can be amortized in a cycle of 24 months and then the savings pile up while reducing consumption.
  • Maximum value for anything comes with a maximum investment and spending money to hire a certified, professional contractor for your retrofit is a good investment. A local contractor with certification and a background in attic insulation installation is the first step to a successful install. Checking local references and registration adds to the legitimacy of the contractor you are interviewing and will produce a level of confidence you should have in your contractor before any work commences.
  • The insulation installation by a professional will reward a homeowner in two ways that aren’t readily apparent but will have a big impact on the home in general. When a professional provides the work for your installation based on industry practices, a warranty for your shingles comes into force. The warranty is based on the installer’s ability to meet the criteria of the installation and the warranty can be anywhere form 10-50-years long. Shingles were made to withstand many things but not intense heat leakage through the roof. When attic insulation is installed, the intensity of the heat is reduced to a negligible amount and the shingles are protected. Also, the warranty can be passed to a new owner if you sell your home and that is nice add-on for the deal.
  • Governments of all political stripes are working overtime trying to defuse the ticking time bomb that is climate change and some ingenious strategies have been developed in Ontario for that purpose. One of the tools the government is using is the building code as it refers to attic retrofits, and what that means is that a floor for insulation density is now the new normal. The building code change amounts to a level of R-20 density for attic retrofits but as always there is a catch or two. House size, temperatures relative to area and lifestyle have an influence on the decision and you can ask our consultants for all help you need. Remember too that adding more insulation density to your retrofit will produce greater savings down the line and reduce energy consumption correspondingly.    
  • Before we tackle the installation for the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation, we will need to remove anything that might present in your attic. The work is done with a large vacuum, and it is a quick and easy process to create a clean environment for new insulation.

EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation the product that we use for the attic retrofits we provide and it comes from the inventors of fibreglass, Owens Corning. Corning developed fibreglass strands in their lab in the 1930’s and created the product we use today and like many contractors it is the first and only choice for loose fill. EcoTouch holds its density extremely well, and it is green in nature as it holds 73 per cent of recycled fibres in its’ make-up.

Sitting atop the roofing and insulation supply business, Corning has been a leader in all things roofing and insulation for many years. They have awarded our company a respected certification; we are considered a Platinum Preferred Contractor for their products and it is the sole Canadian certification at this time.

Six decades in and many more to go, we have maintained a simple credo that has led to our success. Do quality work, and look after the customer’s needs when you work on their most precious asset and you have our secret to success in nutshell.

Hepworth sits in cottage country on the Bruce Peninsula and entertains many visitors the region ever year. When the local residents are looking for a roofing and insulation company to service their needs they contact AM Roofing Solutions. To meet with one of experts, call us today at 1.877.281.6900 and we will come to your home for a no cost evaluation and free estimate for the work you need.

Attic Insulation in Hepworth


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