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Attic Insulation in Hanover

Many homeowners go into their attic maybe once a year, maybe twice and view the attic as a storage depot for unwanted materials they cant throw out, a haven for memories long forgotten and repository for all things unnecessary. But the attic is the priciest space in our home if you believe what experts have been writing about for the last few years. Poor or not attic insulation in Hanover is responsible for the high costs associated with home heating because 40 per cent of a home’s heat loss is through the attic. If you home was built in the last 10 years or before, you will have limited attic insulation in Hanover that contributes to the costs of your home. The quickest way to reduce your energy costs and curtail greenhouse gas emissions is through the installation of new attic insulation in Hanover. It isn’t all gloom and doom for homeowners as there is relief for the burden of your heating bill when you install new attic insulation in Hanover. The experts who warned us about the folly of lack of attic insulation in Hanover tell us that there is a financial reward to the installation of new attic insulation in Hanover. Studies in energy conservation have signalled that savings in the area of 20-30 per cent per year can be claimed when new attic insulation in Hanover is installed. And those savings are year in and year out and will produce quite a sum over time when new attic insulation in Hanover is installed.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been creating energy conservation plans for Hanover residents for years that encompass new attic insulation in Hanover as a form cost containment and energy conservation and we are ready to help any resident who seeks a new path to greening their home through conservation.

Attic insulation in Hanover, walking a green path

  • Certainly, it has been articulated many times over the years, savings come from conservation and using more fossil fuels than you need is bad for the environment. But no one has mentioned the costs of greening your home through conservation. The cost of new attic insulation is slight when stacked up against other conservation plans and the recovery of the investment can be in the area of 18-24 months for a lifetime of savings.
  • When you are ready to make the commitment to install new insulation, chose our contractor wisely, as much depends on the choice. You need a certified, professional with a large dose of experience installing insulation. The contractor should be local, and has done work regionally that can be investigated to determine the contractors credentials.
  • After you have chosen a professional company for the work and it is completed, the warranty on the shingles becomes active. Warranties on any product or service are important, but a shingle warranty – that can be up to 50-years long – is worth having. Insulation stops heat loss through the roof and stops damage to the shingles. Shingles weren’t made to withstand intense heat and the insulation will protect the shingles and the roof from damage. The warranty is also a great selling point for a homeowner because the warranty can be transported through the sale of your house to a new owner.
  • Making a commitment to blunt the effect of climate change through regulation and legislation, the provincial government has introduced changes to the building code that affects attic retrofits. They have set a target of R-20 for all retrofits but it has some fine print attached that doesn’t encompass the target. House size, lifestyle and regional climate can be deciding factors for your insulation purchase. Our experts can get you over the insulation finish line with a solid plan for your retrofit and if after a review of the recommendation you think more will help; we can install it for you.
  • To get your new blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation installed, you may need to get from under any old product in the attic. We provide the service of extraction before we begin that involves a large vacuum and some suction to create a clean workspace for your installation.

The loose fill we have chosen for our attic retrofit work comes from Owens Corning in the form of their EcoTouch Pink fiberglass insulation. Owens Corning are the masters of fiberglass – they invented it in the 1930’s – and developed it into the product it is today, the industry standard. It is has strong density potential, is green – 73-per-cent remanufactured glass – and if by far the most popular choice of contractors across Canada.

Working collaboratively with Corning for many years and using the best products on the market, Corning has seen fit to award our company with a special certification. We have received the privileged designation of Platinum Preferred Contractor, the only one in Canada and we are appreciative of the special certification.

Over time, we have garnered a lot of attention for our work in the roofing and insulation industry and if we’ve learned anything last over 60 years it is this: Quality-workmanship and attention to customer needs are the two most important things we do.

The community of Hanover straddles the Saugeen River and when members of the community need insulation or roofing problems solved they turn to us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no-obligation inspection that comes with a free estimate/consultation call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Hanover

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