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Attic Insulation in Flesherton

You can’t discount the importance of attic insulation in Flesherton because it means that will secure your roofing system and also secure your monthly finances when you install new attic insulation in Flesherton. Papers from the scientific community in recent years tell us that poor attic insulation in Flesherton is directly responsible for heat loss. Forty per cent of a home’s heat is lost through the attic when there is limited or inadequate attic insulation in Flesherton and that causes spin-off problems too. When we burn fossil fuels we create greenhouse gases and those emissions create the circumstances for climate change. To reduce consumption of fossil fuels through conservation that new attic insulation in Flesherton provides one way to protect the environment and return scare funds back to your bank account. The financial return for the homeowner who retrofits his home with new attic insulation in Flesherton is at least 20 per cent and in some cases 30 per cent depending on energy use.

To meet the challenges of your home’s heat loss, we are here to help you at AM Roofing. Our company is a specialist in the area of energy conservation through new attic insulation in Flesherton, and our experienced coordinators can create a plan that is tailor made for your home’s distinct characteristics.

Attic insulation in Flesherton, update your attic today

  • Much has been made of the problem of poor attic insulation in Flesherton and the advantages associated with installing new attic insulation in Flesherton. But the costs to perform the work haven’t been broken out. Surprisingly, the costs for the work from start to finish can be retrieved within two years; a short timeline when you consider other conservation plans.
  • For a successful installation of insulation, you need to hire a certified, professional contractor to conduct the work. Before you say yes to the contractor, check to see if the contractor has experience installing insulation, is local to your region and has references that can be provided on request.
  • When a professional is chosen and the insulation is laid in your attic, potential warranty gains are available for a homeowner. Shingles don’t take excessive heat well and they will damage easily if subjected to too much heat. When the professional puts down the insulation it will stop the heat leakage to the shingles and that activates the warranty – and in some cases it can up to 50-years long. The warranty has a unique aspect to it as it can be moved during any sale of your property to a new owner.
  • Changes to the provincial building code affect attic retrofits and the changes come in the form of a minimum density rating for the retrofit. The government mandated changes to the code mean that an R-20 layer of insulation will be required to meet the building requirements. Our coordinators can help get your retrofit up to code and if you think based on you home size, lifestyle or temperatures in your area you need more insulation, it can installed as required.
  • You have booked your retrofit and a day or so before we come for the installation you go into your attic and see piles of old insulation strewn across the floor. No need to panic, we have an extra-large-sized vacuum to clear out anything in the attic before we install the blown in, loose fill fibreglass insulation.

There are many insulation products on the market and we have chosen the only insulation that was invented by the producer. Owens Corning created fibreglass over 70 years ago and they have developed into the only choice for your retrofit. Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation maintains its’ density, and is the greenest insulation in its class at 73-per-cent recycled materials.

Owens Corning stands head and shoulders above the rest in the roofing supply and insulation industry and when they speak the industry listens. They have certified our company as a Platinum Preferred Contractor and we are the only Canadian company to hold the certification.

Our company was established six decades ago and it has prospered over time going from one truck and crew to the biggest provincial roofing company in Ontario. We rely on two things to excel in our business, quality-workmanship and sensitivity to our customer’s needs for roofing and insulation.

Flesherton is the ‘Gateway to the Beaver Valley,’ and the village enjoys a history that dates back to the 1850’s. When residents in the village need roofing or insulation work done on their home’s they reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free estimate and no cost consultation that comes with a free inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900

Attic Insulation in Flesherton

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