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Attic Insulation in Dundalk

You’ve had your suspicions for a while now, and with each passing heating bill those suspicions are being confirmed, you are leaking heat from somewhere in your home. After a quick check throughout the house, most if not all avenues for heat loss are well sealed, and then it hits you – the attic. A quick look into the attic reveals that you have no attic insulation in Dundlak and the mystery is solved to a point. The next step on the road for financial security comes in the form of an installation of new attic insulation in Dundalk to get your heating bills in line and reduce fossil fuel consumption. Major study papers have been released over the years advising homeowners about the pitfalls a lack of attic insulation in Dundalk, but there are solutions to the problem. When you have no attic insulation in Dundalk, you use more fossil fuel than is necessary to heat your home. The extra fuel use can cause your home to emit more greenhouse gases that are the catalyst to climate change. Installing new attic insulation in Dundalk, apart from good financial decision is good environmental decision also. One of the financial benefits that is prevalent when you retrofit your attic with new attic insulation in Dundalk is the cost savings on your heating bill. The report writers have said in their conclusions that a reduction in costs in the area of 30 per cent is available when you have your attic insulation in Dundalk updated.

We, at AM Roofing Solutions, have been providing answers to insulation challenges posed by Dundalk residents for many years and we have a plan that will be tailored to your home’s needs when you contact us for an attic insulation upgrade.

Attic insulation in Dundalk, getting green with it

  • Major savings are at your fingertips when you install new attic insulation in Dundalk, but what does it cost to achieve the results? The price of new attic insulation in Dundalk can be recovered in a short period of time by home renovations standards, less than two years in some cases and then the savings roll back to you.
  • To get your attic retrofit to an optimal level, a certified, professional contractor will be required to provide an industry-based installation. The tradesman you hire should have a certification for insulation installation, be registered as a contractor in the municipality of origin and have local references that can be vetted before you determine if the perspective contractor is right for you.
  • Contractor hired, job completed, then two concealed benefits come to light. The first is in the area of warranties that come with shingles when they are purchased from your local contractor. Many warranties last decades so it is important to have a professional install the insulation to meet industry standards to realize warranty protection. Once warranty conditions are met, the warranty is embedded in the house and is available to a new homeowner should a sale occur during the warranty period.
  • Government intervention in the building code and other places to mitigate the stress that climate change causes is being felt in many areas. One area the province has been aggressive with change is in the building code. They have determined that establishing a minimum density for attic insulation will reduce fossil fuel consumption and they have set the bar at R-20. Problem with a blanket setting is it doesn’t take into account the diversity of the province of Ontario. Regional temperatures, a home’s size, and the occupant’s lifestyle all have an effect on the amount of insulation to purchase. Our team of experts can navigate the new regulations and provide a solid plan to get your retrofit up to code and more insulation can be installed at the owner’s request.   
  • Blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation needs to be installed in a clean area to get the best results. If there is material in the attic when we arrive for your retrofit, we will vacuum out the debris with equipment specifically designed for the purpose.

We don’t install just any insulation in your home, we use the industry’s best loose fill and it comes from Owens Corning. EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation sets the pace for attic insulation because is hold its’ density better than other products, is made from 73-per-cent recycled glass fibres and more contractors use Owens Corning products than not. Corning invented fibeglass in the 1930’s and developed it into the product it is today, the best material for attic insulation.

Owens Corning is an institution in the insulation and roofing material supply industry and they are very influential. When Corning speaks the industry listens. They have designated us as a certified Platinum Preferred Contractor for their products and it is a singular certification unique to Canada.

Our company has roots that run back to the 1950’s when we first set out in the roofing business. Our business model is one of simplicity, we provide quality work and have an attentive ear for our customer’s concerns and needs and that has been the key to our longevity.

The community Dundalk holds the distinction of the highest elevation on any populated southern Ontario community at over 500M. When community members see they need roofing or insulation work for homes from their lofty perch, they contact AM Roofing Solutions. For a free inspection and no-obligation meeting at your home, call us today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Attic Insulation in Dundalk

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