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Attic Insulation in Chesley, ON

Winters in Canada pose unique challenges for a homeowner in the area of home heating and energy use and those challenges, if not met, can be the cause of high heating bills throughout the winter. One way to mitigate high costs for home heating is updating your home with new attic insulation in Chesley.

Most homes don’t have adequate attic insulation in Chesley and they are suffering the consequences for it, based on scientific reports. Experts in the field of energy use tell us that 40 percent of a home’s heat leakage is directly related to poor attic insulation in Chesley and the problem is compounded when you factor in environmental concerns.

When you burn fossil fuels to heat your home, greenhouse gas emissions are released and it causes climate change according to experts. When you have poor attic insulation in Chesley, you are using more fuel than you need and emitting more greenhouse gases in the process creating a harmful situation.

A homeowner who choses to install new attic insulation in Chesley can expect a significant savings on their heating bills. The experts who told us about heat loss say that a return of up to 30 percent in savings is available when you retrofit your home with new energy efficient attic insulation in Chesley and it goes a long way to reducing a home’s carbon footprint also.

For motivated homeowners, we, at AM Roofing Solutions, are available to discuss the options that new attic insulation solutions in Chesley have for cost containment based on our years of experience helping others in the community.

Attic insulation in Chesley, a penny saved

  • Making a transition to new attic insulation in Chelsey comes with costs but it isn’t without returns that will have a lasting impact on your household budget. When you factor in the cost of new attic insulation in Chesley and timeline for return, you are looking at a period of less than 24 months for the savings to pay the initial costs.
  • For a project that will provide the kind of financial security that an attic retrofit will provide, it is never more important than now to hire a professional, certified contractor for the work. A couple of must haves are previous experience working with attic insulation, certification in the municipality and references play key roles when assessing a contractor for your retrofit.
  • Once the professional has been hired and he installs the insulation to meet industry requirements, two obscure benefits come to light. The first is the shingle warranty that came with the product at point of purchase. Warranties can have a long life – some up to 50-years – and only come into existence when heat leakage is permanently stopped through proper installation techniques. Shingles weren’t made to absorb extreme heat for long periods of time and when they do it causes the shingle to degrade very quickly, limiting their effectiveness.
  • Once the warranty conditions have been met, the warranty becomes a living document so to speak and can be included as a benefit if you decide to sell your home.
  • Provincial environmental policies have crossed many lines here in Ontario, and changes to the building code are supporting government goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The revamped building code demands that any attic retrofits meet a level of density that has been arbitrarily set at R-20 density. That doesn’t take into account the diverse weather conditions in Ontario, a house’s size or the lifestyle of the residents.
  • Our team of advisors is up to date on the code changes and can help set a course for retrofit. Of note, if you feel greater savings await you with additional insulation than we recommend it is always a prudent decision to add more.
  • To create a clean environment for the installation of new attic insulation, we will remove anything that happens to be present in your attic. Just like Molly Maid, we will vacuum out the attic before we install the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation to complete the job.

Many consumers like to review options before they make any purchases, and in most cases a retailer will have options available. But not us when it comes to the loose fill we install.

The only product in our inventory is Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation. It holds its density, is green – 73-percent recycled glass – and is the first choice for contractors everywhere. Corning invented fibreglass insulation in the 1930’s and their expertise is widely regarded.

Corning has worked with our company for many years as a supplier of premium products and they have certified our company with great designation. We are certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for their materials and it is the first certification awarded in Canada.

Our company was established in the 1950’s and we have enjoyed over six decades of success because we observe a couple of simple tenets to guide our way. Quality work is the basis for all we do and our customer relationships have propelled us up the roofing ladder.

The community of Chesley goes by the sobriquet of ‘The Nicest Town Around’ and is the epitome of rural community living. When the cordial folks of Chesley want to discuss roofing and insulation needs they contact AM Roofing Solutions for help. For a no-obligation home inspection that comes with a free estimate call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Chesley 

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