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Attic Insulation in Allenford, ON

Your floors are cold all winter and it is a mystery, you have heat turned, you have put on a sweater and you can’t seem to get warm. The windows have been covered and insulation strips around your doors so there are no drafts to speak of. The last place you check for problems should have been the first as a lack of attic insulation in Allenford is responsible for the cold floors and high heating costs you endure every winter.

Many homes are suffering from the same problem; poor attic insulation in Allenford and studies released over the years bear that fact out. Research reveals that 40 percent of a home’s heat loss is predicated on a lack of attic insulation in Allenford with all the ensuing costs that accompany the waste of energy.

Also, using fossil fuels happened to drive the climate change bus and that is detrimental to the environment. When you replace your attic insulation in Allenford you can rest assured conservation will reduce the emissions that drive climate change and you are doing your part to protect the environment.

The savings that come from new attic insulation in Allenford won’t be a lottery windfall, but it isn’t a small change either. A homeowner can save up to 30 percent a year on heating costs when new attic insulation is installed in Allenford and those savings roll year in and year out.

For the cost conscious and the environmentally sensitive we are here to help you make a change to energy efficiency when you consult us at AM Roofing Solutions for new attic insulation in Allenford.

We have years of service in the insulation business, and our expertise is well known to our previous customers who have purchased attic insulation in Allenford from our company.

Attic insulation in Allenford, meeting the challenge

  • Cost containment is a central theme for new attic insulation in Allenford, but what has been fleshed out is the cost to do the job. Many home renovation projects come with high costs, but attic insulation is relatively minor by comparison. In two years or less the price for the retrofit can be recovered and the accumulative savings will begin.
  • There are two ways to do things, DIY or get an expert. For a project of this importance it is absolutely necessary to hire a certified, professional contractor to complete the work. You need someone who is experienced in the work and has local references to be reviewed to determine suitability before you sign anything with a contractor.
  • Once a certified contractor has been brought on and the work is complete, two very interesting benefits come to light. The first is that of a warranty – the range is anywhere from 10-50-years in length – for your shingles.
  • If a certified contractor installs the insulation to industry criteria it will mean all heat loss to the shingles will be stopped and then the warranty will be valid. Another advantage to the homeowner is the warranty, once active, is active for the life of the term and can be transferred during a sale of the property.
  • Governments around the world are taking action against climate change, and in Ontario, a suite of tools is being employed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The government has used the building code with respect to attic insulation and the changes amount to density requirements for insulation.
  • The new code is an R-20 density rating, but house size, lifestyle and temperatures are major details to consider before any insulation is purchased. Our team of experts have all the answers to your questions and you can add more insulation if you feel the need to do so.
  • When you purchase your attic retrofit from us, you should know that we handle all the details from the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation to the removal of old materials.
  • We see the job through from start to finish and when we remove old material it is done with a large vacuum to provide a clean surface for the new insulation.

The loose file we use comes from Owens Corning and we use their top product, EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation. EcoTouch finds its history in the lab at Owens Corning when they invented fibreglass in the 1930’s and developed it into the best product in the insulation market.

It holds its density longer than the competitors, is more than three quarters recycled material and it is the only choice for many contractors across the installation spectrum.

We have worked with Corning’s materials for many years and they have come to respect our efforts in the roofing and insulation business with a certification that no one in Canada has. We are certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for their products and it is an honour we relish.

In the 60 or so years since our company was established we have learned the ins and outs of our business but one thing that has never changed is our approach to the work.

Our founder instilled a work ethic that was based on quality and a deep respect for our customer’s needs and concerns when we work on their houses, and that has been the basis for our success.

Allenford is located at the headwaters of the Saugeen and Sauble Rivers on Bruce Peninsula and we are there when they need roofing or insulation work. For a free inspection and an in-home consultation, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.   

Attic Insulation in Allenford

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