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Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Orillia

We all engage in projects big and small, from work-related tasks to personal projects that involve a hobby or an outside interest, we pursue our interests in a meaningful way for recreation or financial gain. Our homes offer us many projects, from redecorating the interior to new landscaping, these are projects that require a little expertise and some elbow grease and a few supplies to complete. When it comes to larger jobs around the house, we use the service of a professional with years of experience dealing with whatever we have tasked of him or her. When it comes to a roofing solution, calling a professional certified roofing contractor in Orillia is the only course of action you should choose. When you make the call to AM Roofing Solutions, bear in mind that you will be consulting with a going roofing concern with over 60 years experience providing quality-roofing solutions in Orillia.  In the past, we have read or heard about home repairs that have gone awry and generally it is because the project manager had no practical experience supplying a solution that was beyond their capabilities. When hiring a professional certified roofing contractor in Orillia and other communities it should be about the solution that is being enacted not the cost of the work.

Our qualifications:

  • Harold Pearce founded our company back in 1956, just a few short years after he arrived on Canadian soil from Scotland. Since then, our family company has grown, and we operate through all four seasons providing roofing solutions to customers far and wide. Pearce was a great Canadian success story of an immigrant making good in his new country and a pioneer of sorts in the way he approached his work. Pearce wanted to provide the customer with quality work and enacted a warranty that is 10 years long to give his customers confidence that he was doing good work. The warranty that Pearce instigated is still a staple of all our work to this day.
  • In our 60 years in the business, our company has developed an excellent reputation as a professional certified roofing contractor in Orillia and other communities and all our hard work has paid off. Owens Corning, an industry-leading supplier of roofing materials, certified us as Owens Corning PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor) for all materials, the sole Canadian to hold this certification.
  • If you call yourself a professional certified roofing contractor in Orillia, it means that you work above board. You hold current insurance for liabilities and damage on site, you are a municipally registered in the communities you service, and maintain provincial certification under the OHSA. Our company meets all the criteria to call ourselves a professional certified roofing contractor in Orillia that distinguishes us from the rest.
  • When you purchase a roofing solution from us, part of the benefits of the purchase are warranties that come with the work and materials. We offer a 10-year workmanship warranty for the work we perform and when you use Owens Corning products for your solution you have up a 50-year warranty for the materials and that is transferable should you sell your home.

Our selection of fibreglass shingles comes from Owens Corning, and they have many different styles and colours to choose from to satisfy your needs. If fiberglass isn’t your style, we carry: Inspire roofing products, Enviroshake®, Enviroslate®, and cedar roofing products that are Cedar Bureau approved for you to choose from.

When we create a roofing solution for a problem, using the right materials to meet the challenges of the environment that the materials will provide protection against. Whether you need fibreglass, slate, composite or cedar shingles or shakes, know that we have the materials that meet or exceed the needs of the application at hand.

Our service menu is second to none and we can offer help in a number of areas for your roof. We can renew your attic insulation, apply vents and soffits, and replace fascia and rain gutters as part of wrap around services for all our customers.

Over 60 or so years, you become acquainted with all sorts of different roofing configurations. In our body of work, we have completed roofing solutions in the industrial and commercial sectors. Our strength in the roofing business comes from servicing the residential sector and that has been the bedrock of our success.

When local residents of the ‘The Sunshine City’ need a professional certified roofing contractor in Orillia, they contact AM Roofing Ltd. For a no-obligation meeting and free quote, call today, 705.445.3540.

Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Orillia


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