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Roofing Company in Orillia

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that you may have a need for a roofing company in Orillia to help you with your roofing upgrade, take a look at AM Roofing Solutions. A front runner in the roofing business since their inception in 1956, this roofing company in Orillia continues to defy their customers, expectations by providing outstanding, quality workmanship on every roofing project they’re lucky enough to be a part of. With qualified and highly skilled roof installation crews at the helm of every roofing upgrade, you can rest easy knowing that AM Roofing Solutions can and will deliver on the promise of a top rate finished roofing project. This roofing company in Orillia has been named Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors, this is a first for any company in Canada, and is a by-product of their continued dedication to quality workmanship. The types of roofing materials used and the roof installation techniques applied have definitely changed in the 60 years AM Roofing Solutions has been in business, however, this roofing company in Orillia is just as dedicated to supplying our customers with quality roofing solutions, and still whole heartedly believes in the values they have had from the beginning. Making certain that their customers always get the exceptional service and peace of mind that AM Roofing Solutions provides.

This Roofing Company in Orillia offers:

  • Roof Replacement

Are you willing to risk another season with failing shingles? You may already be experiencing moisture or mold in your attic space. Now is the time to take care of your roofing issues. Or maybe your roofing ‘issue’ is more of an aesthetic one, regardless of why you’ve now decided to have your old roof replaced, this roofing company in Orillia, can provide the perfect solution for your home. Am Roofing Solutions guarantees the use of only top rated, roofing materials. From designer shingles to fiberglass shingles and from metal roofing, to an assortment of durable flat roofing applications, This roofing company in Orillia, and their qualified solutions consultants can guide you along the roof replacement and roof installation process, ensuring the homeowners ability to make the most educated of decisions on what roofing process and roofing material will work best with their home.

  • Attic Insulation

If you have not recently had an attic inspection done on your home, chances are you need one, and soon. All homes should have a minimum of 22 inches worth of insulation in their attic space, most have less than 6inches. You may have noticed receiving consistently higher than average heating bills, and your lack of attic insulation is likely the cause. Over 30% of your homes heat loss occurs through your roof, proper attic insulation effectively prevents this, and can save you big money annually, on the heating costs in your home. AM Roofing Solutions, a roofing company in Orillia, has qualified attic insulation solutions experts able to properly assess any attic insulation deficiencies you may have and provide an easy and efficient solution.

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

The roofing system on your home needs to be provided with regular maintenance over its lifespan. This is the only way to make sure that your roof continues to effectively do, what it is there to do and act as your homes safeguard against our turbulent Ontario weather. Most of us are not qualified, or capable enough, to do this on our own. Regular Snow and ice removal in the winter, trough cleaning, and the replacement of missing caulking or broken shingles, is better left to the experts at this roofing company in Orillia. AM Roofing Solutions has certified and sufficiently insured roof repair and roof maintenance experts, who are able to determine the most efficient solutions to any problem that may plague the roofing system on your home. It is of great importance that you call a qualified roofing company in Orillia without delay should you take notice an issues. If you have, in fact, neglected to have the proper roof maintenance preformed on your home, and are now in need of a competent and honest roofing company in Orillia for a roofing repair, AM Roofing Solutions guarantees to have the most efficient and headache free solution for you.

  • Eaves Trough

A functioning eaves trough system has one purpose, to direct the water from the melting of snow and downpours, in the opposite direction of your home. Should you notice that your eaves trough is not performing properly, do not postpone an in depth trough inspection by a fullservice roofing company in Orillia. Many problems, some very expensive, can arise if you allow your eavestrough to continue to leak or overflow. A damaged foundation and flooding in your basement are two issues likely to arise if water is not able to flow away from your home and instead is left to pool around your foundation. AM Roofing Solutions use a high quality seamless aluminum eaves trough system, with a baked on enamel finish. Your eaves trough replacement will be created on site to prevent any damage prior to installation this allows this roofing company in Orillia to deliver on promised quality.

Before making a decision on any roofing company in Orillia for your roof replacement, roof repair, or attic insulation needs, it’s important to ascertain that they are in possession of all necessary certifications and valid insurances. Do not allow yourself to be scammed, this is your home and your hard earned money, take the time to do your research and ask the right questions prior to hiring a roofing company in Orillia. If you choose to overlook the lack of valid insurance or certifications by any roofing company in Orillia it may end up being one of the most costly mistakes you’ve ever made. Any roofing company in Orillia that you allow onto your roof should be able to provide proof of sufficient liability insurance, this is for your protection. Should any damage caused by the roofing crew, occur to your home or the homes of your neighbours, the accountability does not fall on you. Any roofing company in Orillia who steps foot onto your property, in your home or on your roof, must be in good standing with WSIB. In the case of an accidental injury to any member of the roofing crew while work is being done on your roof, the liability would not fall on you, the homeowner. Working at heights training and certification is now mandatory for any roofing company in Orillia, who has employees working at heights. Proper Fall Arrest training should also be provided to the employees of any roofing company in Orillia, you may choose to hire. WHIMAS training is always beneficial, as well. AM Roofing Solutions ensures that their employees receive the proper training, and certifications listed above.

The city of Orillia, Ontario is located in Simcoe County. Nicknamed the sunshine city, Orillia boasts a large, clean waterfront with an extensive boardwalk, an outdoor theater, and a touring ferry that helps bring many tourists to the area, every year. The popular Casino Rama is also a staple of the local economy bringing business from not only responsible gambling but also from the various concerts held there. Orillia is also the birthplace of a Canadian legend, singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. For your roofing needs, call AM Roofing Solutions in Orillia today at, 1- 877-281-6900

Roofing Company in Orillia

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