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Roofing Company in Midhurst

If you’re looking for a certified and insured roofing company in Midhurst who will treat your home with the same care you do, AM Roofing Solutions is the only choice. This roofing company in Midhurst takes great pride in their ability to offer, not only the most detailed of ground care and clean up, during and following your roofing upgrade, but also the quality of workmanship that will exceed your expectations. Since inception, over 60 years ago, AM Roofing solutions has been committed to customer satisfaction, never leaving a roofing renovation until the homeowner is 100% happy. This roofing company in Midhurst stands behind all completed roofing work, and offers a 10year workmanship warranty on all roofing system upgrades. Their ability to offer warranties of this value are only possible, due to their use of premium Owens Corning roofing products and their dedication to the detailed inspection of all completed work. AM Roofing Solutions is the last roofing company in Midhurst you will ever need.

The Services That This Roofing Company in Midhurst Offer Are:

  • Roof Replacement

Any type of roof replacement, whether on your home, business, or cottage, is a significant investment. So do your due diligence and ensure that you are choosing a qualified roofing company in Midhurst, for your roof replacements needs. AM Roofing Solutions, offers competent replacement of a variety of roofing applications, including flat roofing, various quality shingle options, as well as, metal roofing and eco friendly materials. This roofing company in Midhurst will work with you to find the perfect roof replacement option, to fit your financial needs, without having to sacrifice the look or quality. As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, this roofing company in Midhurst can provide outstanding manufacturer warranties, adding not only beauty, but exceptional value to your home.

  • Attic Inspection

Did you know that 30% of all heat, and cool air, loss in your home, is through your roof? The only way to effectively prevent this is to ensure that your attic space has the recommended amount of insulation. As of 2017, the standard for attic insulation is R60, or 22 inches, although too many homes, especially those older homes, tend to have less than 6 inches. The only way to determine your attic insulation levels, and rectify any deficiencies, is to contact a certified and insured roofing company in Midhurst. A qualified professional from AM Roofing Solutions, can provide a complimentary attic inspection to determine, not only your attic insulation needs, but also to ensure your attic space has proper venitlation. Whether your home is found to be in need of a full attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement, or your home is better suited to an attic insulation top up, this honest roofing company in Midhurst will help to educate you on your exact attic insulation needs.

  • Roof Repair

The roofing system on your home is your families last line of defense against the worst of mother nature, in order to prevent small issues from becoming large scale ones, it is important that you call a qualified roofing company in Midhurst at the first sign of trouble.  Missing shingles are a common enough problem in the spring, due to high winds and ice damage, but they need to be corrected quickly just the same. If you’ve noticed a leak, its likely causes are damage from debris, and improperly installed or degraded shingles, this does not necessarily mean that a roof replacement is in order. AM Roofing Solutions can provide a comprehensive inspection to help in assessing the damage and determine the best and most cost effective roof repair solution for your home.

  • Eaves trough

In order to keep the, sometimes gallons, of rain and melting snow that falls from your roof throughout the year, from pooling around the base of your home, your home needs a properly functioning eaves trough system. Without one, this pooling water can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your foundation and basement, from possible flooding. If you’ve noticed any damage to your eaves trough, soffit or fascia, like soffit rot, separation of the soffit and trough, or cracks and leaks in the trough itself, you should be contacting a full-service roofing company in Midhurst for an in depth, eaves trough system inspection. AM Roofing solutions offers the installation of high quality seamless eaves trough systems made of high grade aluminum and available in 20 colour options. Machined on site by a highly trained roofing professional, ensures that your home receives the quality damage free eaves trough it deserves.

You should always be wary of roofing contractors who offer you a ‘quality’ roofing job, that is both fast and cheap. An actual quality roof, installed by a professional roofing company in Midhurst, while done in a timely fashion is rarely going to be cheap. Cheap is not a word that should ever be used in regards to an upgrade as important as your roofing system. The most important things to know is whether or not a roofing company in Midhurst has up to date and sufficient insurance and certifications. All roofing companies in Midhurst should have proper WSIB coverage for their employees, as well as, a sufficient liability insurance policy. These things are in place for your protection and must not be overlooked, it is important that you ask for and receive proof of these documents, prior to the start of any roofing system project, including attic insulation replacement. A roofing company in Midhurst should also make certain that their employees receive the required fall arrest training, now known as Working at Heights, and that all roofing tradespeople are wearing the mandatory fall protection equipment when working at heights above 3 meters. Should you come across a roofing company without these essential certifications and insurances, there is a good chance that they are no where near qualified enough to do the job properly. AM Roofing Solutions, is in possession of all aforementioned documents, and places the safety and security of its customers and roofing crews above all else.  \

Midhurst is a small community located within Springwater, Ontario. Midhurst is home to the Barrie Baycats Baseball Club. Inside of this very small community there are a couple of clean local parks, as well as the Barrie Community Sports Complex and the Springwater Public Library. With a few local hiking trails, and just a short drive from the city of Barrie, Midhurst is a popular and local nature lovers hotspot.

If you’ve been searching for a qualified roofing company in Midhurst for your roof replacement or attic insulation needs, contact AM Roofing Solutions today, at 1-877-281-6900 

Roofing Company in Midhurst

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