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Roofing Company in Mactier

The roofing system on your home, provides your family with the ultimate protection from not only rain and snow, but also high winds, glaring sun, and even pesky little critters. So when it comes time to have any part of your roofing system repaired or replaced, you should choose an established roofing company in Mactier, to get it done right. AM Roofing Solutions has been a leader in the roofing industry for 6 decades, and shows no signs of slowing down. This 3rd generation, family owned and operated roofing company in Mactier was built on the basis of integrity, and quality workmanship, values they still carry with them through every roof renovation completed, even to this day. Regardless of the slope or size of your existing roofing system, shingle roof or metal roof, flat roof or otherwise, this roofing company in Mactier and their experienced roofing professionals will complete any roofing system upgrade, or roof repair with care and efficiency while still leaving your home and property in immaculate condition.

This Roofing Company in Mactier Offers These Services:

  • Roof Replacement

If you are considering a roof replacement on your home or business, either out of necessity or to add value before a sale, choosing a reputable roofing company in Mactier with years of experience, would be best. AM Roofing Solutions has been exceeding customers roof replacement expectations since 1956. And now, as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, this roofing company in Mactier can offer exceptional manufacturer warranties, on top of their own ten-year workmanship warranty. With a variety of Owens Corning roofing materials to choose from, in an array of attractive colour options, and with budget friendly financial options to fit any lifestyle, this roofing company in Mactier guarantees a job well done, every single time.

  • Attic Insulation

If you have not recently had the attic space inside of your home, inspected by trained professionals at this roofing company in Mactier, now would be the time. Let’s be honest, energy bills can be pretty pricey on their own, but having an under insulated attic space will just exacerbate the problem. 30% of all heat loss occurring in your home, is through your roof, helped along by a lack of attic insulation. The current standard for attic insulation levels is 22inches, and chances are, especially if you own an older home, that your attic insulation levels are far below that. Contacting this roofing company in Mactier right away, for a through attic inspection, and possible attic insulation replacement, or attic insulation top up, will help to increase the energy efficiency of your home, and save you money.

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

Every roof, regardless of the material, slope or age, can benefit from routine roof maintenance. Removing snow and ice accumulations, or debris post storm, will help to ensure that your roofing system remains undamaged and functioning properly, and cut down on the amount of roof repairs needed. Regular roof maintenance also aids in the quick discovery and repair, of any small deficiencies on your roofing system. Occasional roof repairs are inevitable, regardless of how well your roofing system in maintained, and should you notice anything amiss, like a leak or missing shingles, you need to place a call to this roofing company in Mactier immediately, before the issue can start to affect your living space.

  • Eaves Trough

An often overlooked part of your roofing system, is your eaves trough. The eaves trough is responsible for collecting water, caused by melting snow and heavy rain, and sending it in the opposite direction of your home. When functioning improperly, the opposite occurs, and you can end up with water pooling around the base of your home and seeping behind your siding, as well. Both of these things can cause severe and sometimes irreparable damage if left to fester, which is why it is of the utmost importance to contact a certified and insured roofing company in Mactier at the first sign of trouble. Should you notice any issues with your eaves trough, such as, constant over flow, icicles hanging from your fascia or trough, or any separation between your soffit and eaves trough, Contact AM Roofing Solutions right away.

If you make the unwise decision to hire an uninsured and under certified roofing company in Mactier, for your next roofing project, or decide that price trumps quality, chances are you’re going to pay for it in the long run. Should the roofing company in Mactier, and their employees not be properly insured and in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, you run the risk of being held accountable in the event of an injury, protect yourself and your home, always ask for proof. Liability insurance is another important insurance that every roofing company in Mactier should have. Having a sufficient policy, of at least 1-2million, will ensure that no liability falls on the homeowner in the event of any damage caused by the ongoing roof renovations. Also, before any roofing professional, from any roofing company in Mactier steps onto your roof, it would be wise to make certain that they have both, taken and passed, an accredited fall prevention training course, known as Fall Arrest or Working at Heights. Don’t do something you’ll regret, choose to hire a fully insured and certified roofing company in Mactier, like AM Roofing Solutions.

Mactier, Ontario is a community located within the township of Georgian Bay. Mactier has a long history with the Canadian Pacific Railway, and is now home to the Mactier Railroad Heritage Society. Boasting a small museum filled with many train and railway related artifacts, as well as, an out of use PC Rail Caboose, this small community is a popular destination for those interested in railway history. With its close proximity to both Bracebridge and Parry Sound, this small community is a great, small and scenic place to visit, or reside.

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Roofing Company in Mactier

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