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Roofing Company in Huntsville

AM Roofing Solutions is a professional, certified and fully insured, Better Business Bureau accredited roofing company in Huntsville. AM Roofing Solutions is dedicated to setting only the highest of standards for customer satisfaction and workmanship. This roofing company in Huntsville specialises in various roofing applications, such as, shingle roofing, roofing repairs, thorough roof and attic inspections, as well as, eavestrough replacement and quality skylights. AM Roofing Solutions, prides themselves on their ability to go above and beyond for their customers, while continuing to stay competitive with their pricing options. Regardless of whether your roofing needs are big or small, commercial roofing, industrial flat roofing or residential roofing, this roofing company in Huntsville can provide the right solution geared toward your custom roofing needs. This certified and insured huntsville roofing company has been in the business of providing quality roofing solutions for 60 years. AM Roofing Solutions stands behind all of their exceptional roofing work and will continue to be there for their loyal deserving customers long beyond the completion of their roofing project.

This Roofing Company in Huntsville offers the Following Services:

- Roof Replacement

There is no doubt that the replacement of your existing roof will be a costly endeavour, so do you really want to take the chance on that cheap, shady roofing company in Huntsville, based on cost alone? AM Roofing Solutions has been forced to properly correct the work of these ‘fly by night’ roofing companies in Huntsville, on more than a few occasions after being contacted by highly regretful homeowners. Don’t allow yourself be taken for a ride, choose to have your roof replaced by a reputable roofing company in Huntsville, one capable of delivering on their promises, and providing a warrantied roof installation that will exceed your expectations. At AM Roofing Solutions all of our roofing installations are backed by a 10 year workmanship warranty, along with outstanding manufacturer warranties. This roofing company in Huntsville promises to be respectful of their customers, homes and properties, ensuring that any mess that may be caused by your roof replacement is limited and taken care of in a timely manner. AM Roofing Solutions, offers many roofing material options, fiberglass shingles and designer shingles as well as eco-friendly roof replacement options. This roofing company in Huntsville is also highly proficient in the proper installation of flat roofs and metal roofs.

- Attic Insulation

The new standard of attic insulation is an R60 rating, or just above 22 inches, this has come into effect as recently as 2017. Many homes have less than a quarter of the recommended amount, older homes may be more prone to low attic insulation levels, however it is very likely that even the newest of homes could make use of an attic insulation top up. AM Roofing Solutions has the right insurance, unlike many roofing companies in Huntsville, that allows them to enter your attic space through your roof, eliminating the necessity of bringing the attic insulation equipment into your living space. All attic insulation replacement done by this roofing company in Huntsville can also be coordinated with your possible roof replacement, helping to shorten the length or your roofing system upgrades. AM Roofing Solutions does not use sub-contractors for your attic insulation replacement, all of the attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement work you have done, will be completed by highly trained AM Roofing Solutions employees. Why wait? Contact this roofing company in Huntsville, and start saving on your energy bills, today!

- Roof Maintenance and Repair

The roofing system on your home is being constantly battered by the, sometimes extreme, variations in our Canadian weather. In the event of a deficiency, caused by the weather or otherwise, on your roofing system, or a leak is discovered, do not put off contacting a reputable roofing repair company in Huntsville. Allowing any leak, even a small one, to fester and spill into your attic or the drywall of your home, can cause extensive and also expensive damage, mold can become a large, unhealthy issue in this case. The best way to prevent large roofing repairs is by providing your roofing system with regular maintenance. Roof maintenance is highly recommended in order for your roof to perform up to its fullest potential. The protection of your family and your hard earned possessions, is the purpose of your roofing system. AM Roofing Solutions will perform an in depth roof inspection and advise you on the roof maintenance that will work best for your specific needs.

- Eavestrough

AM Roofing Solutions, prides itself on its ability to be a full service roofing company in Huntsville. During the heaviest of summer rains, gallons of water can fall from your roof, and without a functioning eaves trough system, all of that water is going to end up where you don’t want it to, wreaking havoc on your foundation. This roofing company in Huntsville uses a seamless eaves trough system while ensuring exact measurements by creating your new trough, on site. AM Roofing Solutions has eaves trough available in a wide array of colours, allowing for a perfect match to your homes exterior. The entire eaves trough installation process, incredibly, usually only takes one day to be completed, with care. Eaves troughs that are cracked or broken, separating from the soffits or experiencing constant overflow, will need

to be replaced. Don’t wait for the damage to be extensive, get in contact with this roofing company in Huntsville, right away.

Every professional roofing company in Huntsville has a responsibility, to its valued customers, to be properly trained, insured, and certified. Unfortunately the responsibility for ensuring a roofing company in Huntsville has the proper documents, falls on you, the homeowner. There are far too many, less than honest and far from qualified people out there parading around as roofing experts. So what types of insurances or certifications should these roofing companies in Huntsville possess? First, liability insurance. Liability insurance is incredibly important, this is what will ensure that you are covered, in the event of any and all accidental damage caused by the roofing company in Huntsville that you’ve allowed onto your roof. Second, WSIB coverage. Making certain that the roofing company in Huntsville that you’ve hired, and its employees, are in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board at all times during your roofing renovations, will ensure that in the event of an injury to any tradesman working on your roof, you will not suffer any repercussions. Along with the above requirements, AM Roofing Solutions provides its employed roofing professionals with sufficient WHIMAS training. This roofing company in Huntsville also guarantees that all employees have completed their Fall Arrest training and have earned their certification.

Huntsville, Ontario is the largest town in beautiful cottage country. Huntsville is built on the rocky terrain of the Canadian Shield and is surrounded by many lakes. This town is a major tourist attraction drawing people from across the globe, with its plenteous natural resources, and incredible natural beauty. The 36th G20 summit was held in Huntsville, as well. Huntsville is the home to the Group of Seven, outdoor art gallery, displaying over 40 murals to celebrate these Canadian artists. Along with what is a clearly an incredible arts and culture scene, this town also boasts numerous summer camps for children of all ages. If you have been searching for an honest roofing company in Huntsville, call AM Roofing Solutions today, at 1-877-281-6900 

Roofing Company in Huntsville

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