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Roofing Company in Hanmer

If you wouldn’t consider using a shoddy mechanic, or allowing a person without credentials to fix the electrical system inside your home, why would you consider hiring an uninsured or less than qualified roofing company in Hanmer, for your roofing system upgrade? Your families peace of mind is worth the proper investment. AM Roofing Solutions, is a roofing company in Hanmer, who will provide your home with the respect and care it deserves. From residential, commercial, and industrial flat roofing projects, to shingle roofing services of any size or slope, the quality of workmanship that this certified roofing company in Hanmer will provide, will exceed your expectations. From initial roof inspection and attic inspection, and quote provided by their capable solutions consultants, to the quality completion of your roofing system installation, AM Roofing Solutions will keep you feeling secure in your choice of roofing company in Hanmer.  

The Services That This Roofing Company in Hamner offer are:

  • Roof Replacement 

Has your roofing system seen better days? Have all of your roof repair options been exhausted? This roofing company in Hamner offers various payment options to suit your specific financial needs, all without sacrificing the quality of roof replacement you deserve. From designer shingles, to classic fiberglass shingles, AM Roofing Solutions can offer either, confidently installed, in an array of colours to choose from. This roofing company in Hanmer offers quality eco friendly roofing and flat roofing options as well.  

  • Attic Insulation

If your home has been producing higher than average energy bills, a lack of attic insulation could be the cause. If you’ve noticed icicles developing on your eaves trough or fascia in the winter months, constant overflow, or leaks, these are good indications that your attic space may be under insulated. If you own a new home, you may only need a slight attic insulation top up, to be level with the most recent of attic insulation standards. Many attic spaces of older homes have been found to be sufficiently lacking in their attic insulation, with less than a quarter of the proper amount in some cases. The only way to determine whether your attic space is up to standard or not, is to have a complementary attic inspection performed by a certified and insured roofing company in Hanmer.  AM Roofing Solutions, provide your home with any attic insulation services it may require, including a complete attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement.

  - Roof Maintenance and Repair

Without regular roof maintenance, the amount of roof repairs your home requires over its lifetime could be significant, and costly. The most efficient way to cut down on the amount of those roof repairs is to hire a roofing company in Hanmer for all of your roof maintenance needs. Heavy snow and the accumulation of ice, UV rays, and high winds, can cause deficiencies in your roofing system when left untreated, and while attempting to take care of this on your own may seem like a difficult task, it is exactly the kind of quality roof maintenance that AM Roofing Solutions can supply quickly and efficiently. Providing your roofing system with consistent roof maintenance, allows for the timely repair of any roof deficiencies, preventing them from becoming large problems, while also extending the life span of your roofing system. 

  • Eaves Trough

This roofing company in Hamner, has quality roofing professionals capable of the efficient removal, repair and replacement of all aspects of your roofing system, your eaves trough included. Noticeable corrosion, cracks, overflow or constant clogging are all signs that you may be in need of an eaves trough replacement. This roofing company in Hanmer installs quality aluminum eaves troughs, with a baked on enamel finish, machined on site at the time of installation to ensure exact lengths, and a seamless design free from damage or leaks.  Any delay in having your eaves trough replaced, could lead to significant damage to your siding, foundation and basement.

 It is important to properly educate yourself, as the homeowner, on what insurance and certifications, a roofing company in Hamner should possess. If you don’t protect yourself and, your home, and ensure a roofing company in Hamner is legit, who will? AM Roofing Solutions has been a leader in the roofing indusrty for six decades. This roofing company in Hamner is in possession of a 5million dollar, liability insurance policy. Any roofing company in Hanmer the you consider should have at the very minimum, a 1-2million dollar policy. Everyone employed by AM Roofing Solutions, from sales to roofing trades people, including sub contractors, are to be in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board at all times. This is mandatory, in case of any accidental injury or fall that may occur during your roof renovations. Fall prevention certifications are required for any roofing company in Hanmer, who works at heights above 3meters, this is now known as Working at Heights training, in Ontario. For a free roof inspection and quote, call AM Roofing Solutions, today, toll free at 1-877-281-6900 

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