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Roofing Company in Elmvale

Buying a home will be the biggest material investment that you ever make and at some point over the course of your home ownership, regardless of its age, there will need to be significant upgrades made. One such upgrade will be to your roofing system, be it a roof replacement, roof repair, or attic insulation replacement, and it is important that you hire a qualified roofing company in Elmvale to do it. You’ve worked hard for your investments, so it is crucial that you choose a roofing company in Elmvale that will show your home the kind of care and respect that they would show their own. AM Roofing Solutions, is a third generation, family owned roofing company in Elmvale. Established in 1956, AM Roofing Solutions, has been providing quality workmanship and exceptional customer service for 6 decades, and while roofing materials and roofing application techniques may have changed over the years their roofing expertise and dedication to their customers has not. Don’t trust the care of your home to just any roofing company in Elmvale, call AM Roofing Solutions, today.

The Services That This Roofing Company in Elmvale Offer Are:

  • Roof Replacement

In some cases, the need for a roof replacement is more pronounced than others, but choosing the right roofing company in Elmvale, is important either way. Choosing a certified and insured, or not so, roofing company in Elmvale, for your roof replacement will have a big impact on, not only the functionality of your new roof, but also the appearance and value of your home. AM Roofing Solutions, is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, this allows them to provide a variety of roofing products of the highest quality, as well as, one of the best manufacturer warranties in the roofing industry. From designer shingles, to fiberglass and cedar shingles, and metal roofing to a variety of flat roofing applications, this roofing company in Elmvale can provide quality roof replacements in almost any roofing material you can think of.

  • Attic Insulation

Having an adequate amount of attic insulation can help to improve your homes energy efficiency. Upward of 30% worth of the heat, or cool air, that you use in your home is lost through your roof. The standard for attic insulation is an R60 rating, or 22 inches, many homes this roofing company in Elmvale has provided attic inspections for, have been found to have around 6 inches, that’s about a quarter of the recommended amount. If you are unsure of the state of your attic space and attic insulation, contact AM Roofing Solutions today for a complimentary attic inspection. Regardless of whether your attic space needs a full attic insulation replacement or if an attic insulation top up would suffice, this certified and insured roofing company in Elmvale can determine the right course of action for your home, helping you to start saving money today.

  • Roof Repair

Providing the roofing system on your home with regular inspections and timely repairs can help in guaranteeing that it lasts as long as it should. This roofing company in Elmvale, employs qualified roofing professionals who can provide the proper roof repair solutions to best suit your home. Neglecting to repair any possible deficiencies on your roofing system, like broken or missing shingles, lifted flashing, leaks or perforations in a timely manner can lead to significant damage to the inside of your home and cost you an exuberant amount of money. Placing a call to AM Roofing Solutions as soon as possible after noticing a leak, would be in your best interests.

  • Eaves Trough

Just as the elements can have a negative impact on your roof, they can also have that same effect on your eaves trough system. Keeping your eaves trough clear of damaging debris, and preventing constant clogs and over flow is crucial in ensuring that this important drainage system on your home is able to operate in its expected fashion. In the event that you have unknowingly neglected to provide your trough with the regular maintenance it needs, it would be a good idea to contact a local full-service roofing company in Elmvale for an eaves trough, soffit, and fascia inspection. If you allow your damaged trough to go without the necessary repairs or eaves trough replacement, you run the risk of causing serious issues by allowing water to ruin your siding and causing foundation damage. AM Roofing Solutions can provide competent eaves trough repair services as well as, seamless aluminum eaves trough replacement systems.

Unfortunately, there are many roofing companies out there parading as professionals, while in reality having very little experience. These are not the roofing companies in Elmvale that you want to be working on your home. Its crucial that all homeowners are aware of the certifications and insurance that a roofing company in Elmvale should possess. Every roofing company in Elmvale should ensure that every roofing professional that they employ, or sub contract work to, is in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Any quality roofing company in Elmvale will be in possession of a sufficient liability insurance policy, as well. These insurances are required in order to act as protection for both the homeowner, and the business itself, in case of an accidental injury while on the job, or any structural or property damage cause by the work being done to your roof. Working as Heights training, is a fall prevention certification course that needs to be completed by all roofing tradespeople prior to the start of any roof renovation.

Elmvale is a small rural town located in the township of Springwater, Ontario. Elmvale is a well known destination in Simcoe County due to being home to the popular Elmvale Jungle Zoo, a smaller type venue hosting 300 different kinds of exotic birds and mammals. This community is also home to the annual Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival, which draws in thousands of visitors from across the province, every year. With its close proximity to the city of Barrie, Elmvale is a wonderful place to both live and visit.

For a complimentary roof and attic inspection, contact AM Roofing Solutions today. Toll free at 1-877-281-6900

Roofing Company in Elmvale

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