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Roofing Company in Bala

When buying a home, you generally don’t think about the upgrades or roofing renovations that may need to be completed in the future, but whether you think about it or not, that time will come and when it does, you’ll want to hire an established roofing company in Bala for your roofing system renovation. AM Roofing Solutions, is a family run roofing company in Bala, that has been a leader in the roofing industry since its inception in 1956. Their commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction is what has kept them on top for just over 6 decades. Choosing to hire only the most skilled and experienced of roofing trades people, and guaranteeing the use of top quality roofing products, you can be confident in the ability of this roofing company in Bala, to deliver on their promise of exceptional workmanship. Proficient in the installation of a variety of roofing system applications, from shingle roofing, to flat roofing, and eaves troughs to attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement, AM Roofing Solutions guarantees a job well done, with their 10 workmanship warranty. Choose a roofing company in Bala who will care for your home the way you do, choose AM Roofing Solutions.

The Services Offered by This Roofing Company in Bala Are:

  • Roof Renovations

There could be an abundance of reasons why your home is in need of a roof replacement, from age, to wanting increased value, to wanting more curb appeal. Regardless of the reason, and even if your roof replacement needs were not planned in advance, this roofing company in Bala, can help. AM Roofing Solutions, offers the proficient installation of everything from designer shingles, to fiberglass shingles, and eco friendly options, to metal and even commercial and industrial flat roofing, everything you could want in a roof replacement, this roofing company in Bala has you covered. With financial options to fit any budget, and valuable workmanship and manufacturer warranties available, there really is no reason not to choose AM Roofing Solutions.

  • Attic Insulation

If saving money on your energy bills sounds like something that you may be interested in, contacting a qualified roofing company in Bala may be a good idea. If your home is lacking the adequate amount of attic insulation, chances are its costing you money. Upwards of 30% of all heat loss in your home is through your attic space and out of your roof, the best and most efficient way to rectify this and give your heating bills and wallet a break, is to have a complementary attic inspection performed by a reputable roofing company in Bala. AM Roofing Solutions can provide the attic insulation solutionsthat your home desperately needs. Offering both a complete attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement, as well as a attic insulation top up program, this roofing company in Bala should be the first you call for all of your attic insulation needs.

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

If something is left out to endure the elements for a significant amount of time, it will eventually break down, your roofing system included. The only way to prevent significant and costly roof repairs, or the possibility of having to replace your roofing system early, is to have the roofing system on your home properly maintained. This roof maintenance can include everything from, clearing heavy snow or ice accumulations, trough cleaning, replacing missing or broken shingles and more. This roofing company in Bala can assist you with all of your roof maintenance needs, and if regular roof maintenance isn’t something you’ve thought about and you find yourself in need of a quick and efficient roof repair, AM Roofing Solutions can help with that too. Should you notice a leak of any size, do not delay in contacting this roofing company in Bala, before the problem gets out of control.

  • Eaves Trough

If you allow any damage to your eaves trough to continue without replacement or repair, you run the risk of causing significant issues in other areas of your home, like your siding and foundation. Such damage to your eaves trough can include, constant over flow, noticeable separation of the trough from the soffit, or leaks and corrosion, and more. This full service roofing company in Bala specializes in the quality replacement of damaged eavestrough systems. AM Roofing solutions uses a quality and completely seamless aluminum, with a baked on enamel crust for every eaves trough replacement. Machining every trough on site ensures an exceptional fit and completely damage free design.

When it comes to having quality roofing system replacements done on your home, you’ll want to make certain that the roofing company in Bala that you choose is in possession of all necessary insurances and certifications. All roofing professionals employed by any roofing company in Bala, must have the proper fall prevention certification. This Working at Heights training is important for any roofing company in Bala who works at heights over 3 meters, and uses the proper fall prevention equipment. The insurances required for a roofing company in Bala, are WSIB, and Liability insurance. WSIB is a what will provide workers with the proper compensation in the event of an injury while on the job. Liability insurance is what will protect both the homeowner and business from liability should any damage be caused by the roofing system renovations taking place. AM Roofing Solutions can ensure, and provide proof upon request, of all above documents.

Bala, Ontario is located within the township of Muskoka Lakes. Known as the cranberry capital of Ontario, this community is one of the major hubs of cottage country. Its tiny population grows by the thousands during the warmer months, as tourists and cottagers flock to Bala to take in the Bala Falls, and other local scenic locations. The Kee to Bala is a incredibly popular music venue that has hosted the likes of The Tragically Hip to David Wilcox, and many more. Bala is also home to the only winery in the Muskokas. Whatever, your interest, nature, wine, music or other, you will absolutely find something here to enjoy.

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Roofing Company in Bala

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