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Roof Replacement in Severn

The township of Severn, like many communities in the near north, sees it roots in the lumber industry. When the community came into existence, the local economy was built on a large lumber mill feeding the Severn River with timber for sale in the south. As the lumber industry petered out, the township became a popular tourist destination with the creation of the Trent-Severn Waterway. When cottagers or residents need a roof replacement in Severn they seek out AM Roofing Solutions to provide their roof replacement in Severn.

Silver Anniversaries are milestones that are tough to attain, in the roofing business a Silver Anniversary is almost unheard of unless you are talking about AM Roofing Solutions. Fifty years and more as roofing contractor, we have the experience to provide a roof replacement in Severn that others can’t match. In our roofing background we have worked on homes over 100 years old right on through to homes built in the last decade with a level of excellence that was demanded by our company founder. To demonstrate the sincerity with which our founder approached his craft, he instituted a 10-year workmanship warranty that is still provided for any roof replacement in Severn.

How we hire tradesman says a lot about the way we approach life. Either we have a plan that has goals to achieve or we fly by the seat of pants and hope for the best. Hiring a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Severn need not be like that. A series of simple details can light the way to hiring a competent roof contractor for a roof replacement in Severn.

When consulting potential roofing contractors, local contractors should receive preferential treatment due to their locality. This works for a couple of different reasons, first you can rate previous roof replacement work and the second is the roofing contractor’s reputation. The roofing contractor has a vested interest in providing the best roofing replacement in Severn, and if anything requires attention after completion of the roofing replacement in Severn, the details will serviced quickly.

When you are discussing a roofing replacement in Severn with potential contractors, the subject of licensing and insurance should be at the forefront of the conversation. Without both articles, the homeowner is liable for any accidents on property and could have problems with the municipality through the use of an unlicensed tradesman for the work being performed.

Check with the roofing contractor – before you sign anything – about his labor situation before the roof replacement in Severn starts. Some roofing contractors overbook work and then are forced to use a sub contractor to complete your roof replacement in Severn that could have calamitous effects after the fact.

The last piece of evidence to consider – and it has been drummed into our heads for time eternal – is a written estimate for the work to be performed and the materials to be installed for a roof replacement in Severn. Included in the estimate should be a manufacturer’s warranty for the materials and a workmanship warranty for the work that the roofing contractor will provide, if the information isn’t there have it added for your protection.

Bi-annual reviews of your current roofing system will help when the time comes for a roof replacement in Severn. You can track how your shingles are holding up to the elements, assess water damage if leaks are present and an examination of the attic insulation will determine if your roofing system is providing the protection it was designed to provide.

Attic insulation helps maintain a constant temperature that should be about the same as the outside temperature. This is integral to the health of the shingles; too much heat and the shingles will wilt and decay, losing their watertight seal in the process.

Our service technicians have many years experience looking for problems in roofing systems that may not be visible to the naked eye. Once the problems have been documented and roof replacement in Severn is the only solution our service tech will provide a written estimate with different options for your roof replacement in Severn.

Surface coatings like shingles come in asphalt and fiberglass materials with a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from for your roof replacement in Severn. A 21st century solution for a roof replacement in Severn is a metal shell to cover the top of your home that is economical and will last longer than conventional roofing systems. We provide a line of cedar shakes and shingles for cottagers who want to spruce the cottage or for residents who like the rustic look of a home that says style.

In Severn, call us today, at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Replacement in Severn

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