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Roof Replacement in Port Sydney

The community of Port Sydney is a four-seasons retreat for adventurers and those seeking recreation at the beach or on snowmobile trails in the winter. The community sits nestled on the shores of Lake Mary and the upper North Muskoka River and the water was the economic salvation for the community early on. Logging was the main industry in the late 1800’s and water transportation before the railway arrived was the only way to get the product to market. Tourism dominates the local economy with many spin-off activities in the summer and winter keep the town running.

A roof replacement in Port Sydney is the purview of the only fours-seasons roofing company in the area and that is us at AM Roofing Solutions. We draw our installers from the local community and we provide them with top-quality materials to complete a roof replacement in Port Sydney. To get the best results for a roof replacement in Port Sydney, you need to decide who will provide the work and how the selection process will be addressed. Look inwardly to the community for a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Port Sydney to get a feel for the contractor that you are considering.

We live in a credentialed society and when addressing the contractor question, make sure that the company you are looking at for a roof replacement in Port Sydney has a business license and insurance to validate the company.

The work must be done by a crew of installers for a roof replacement in Port Sydney and the contractor has options to exercise when choosing a crew. Some contractors are really just estimators – they price a job then farm out the work to group of subcontractors for a roof replacement in Port Sydney. The other option the contractor has is to have a crew available – and that means he has a presence in the roofing business.

Once the staffing issues have been sorted out for a roof replacement in Port Sydney, you can move on to the warranties that should come with the job. A roof replacement in Port Sydney should have two warranties available. The first is for labor from the contractor and the second is for the materials that are guaranteed by the supplier. In the roofing business, a minimum of five-years is standard for both warranties and if the guarantees aren’t there look elsewhere for a contractor.

The last item on the docket of a roof replacement in Port Sydney is a written estimate that will be provided by the contractor. It covers the costs and the work involved to complete the job and if there is no estimate, there should be no sale.

When you choose AM Roofing Solutions for your roofing work, you can be secure in the knowledge that a company with 60 years experience dealing with the details of roofing work is on the job. Our crack roofing team is our family – three generations to date – and when they complete a roofing job, we give our customer a 10-year labour warranty as our commitment to the quality of their work.

When you look at your roof what do you see, shingles, eavestrough, downspouts and fascia and that is about it. You have identified the parts of the roofing system but how do you identify the problems without prior knowledge of the problems?

Shingles flapping in the breeze or missing altogether, leaky downspouts or water stains in the attic are signs that something needs to done with the roofing system.

When you contact us to make arrangements for an inspection of the roofing system and attic it will bring the problems to light and our technician will have solution ready encapsulated in a written estimate. The attic inspection the most important part of the roofing system inspection because the insulation plays such a vital role in the health of a roofing system and the insulation protects the shingles from unwanted heat venting.

Physics tell us that heat rises, and when it does in a house it robs the homeowner of heat to the main floors of the house and it damages shingles when it leaks through the attic.

You’re in the home stretch for your roofing work and the last thing to do is choose your shingles that come in number of styles and colours for your home. The materials for the shingles can be composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal coverings complete your roofing work.

To meet with one of our experts, call ARS today for a free inspection and estimate at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Port Sydney

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