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Roof Replacement in Port Carling

You could say that the economic prosperity of Port Carling can be traced back to the ‘locks.’ Not the kind that the come with keys, the kind of locks that move boat traffic from one area to another through a series of lifts. The original locks were constructed in the mid-1800’s and when completed the community saw its’ economic fortunes explode as the logging and tourism industries took hold.

Now, Port Carling is a boater’s playground with many small locks for pleasure craft and tourism continues to be the life’s blood of the community. For residents of the summertime paradise that needs a roof replacement in Port Carling, AM Roofing Solutions is manning the locks to get the job done. Our team of expert installers has years of experience and we only work with quality materials to complete any roof replacement in Port Carling.

Hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Port Carling can be tricky work if you don’t have plan and you are setting yourself up for failure if you don’t. The first element in a roof replacement in Port Carling plan is the location of the potential contractor. In politics and real estate, it is all about location and that means start the search in the immediate area. It will afford a potential customer a chance to review previous efforts and it will be a barometer for a future roof replacement in Port Carling.

To supply a roof replacement in Port Carling, it is imperative that the contractor you choose has a business license and insurance. If the quote you receive for a roof replacement in Port Carling is too good to be true it may be because the contractor isn’t operating on the same playing field as licensed contractors.

For a roof replacement in Port Carling to be complete, it requires manpower to strip the old shingles and add the new covering to the roofing system. The contractor has a couple of options for staffing for a roof replacement in Port Carling, one is to use a crew at his disposal and the other is to hire from a pool of subcontractors. Nothing says stability like commitment and when making the final decision for your roof replacement in Port Carling, go with stability every time.

Warranties are a guarantee for services and materials in the roofing business and two warranties are issued to cover a roof replacement in Port Carling. The contractor is responsible for his staff in the form of a labour warranty, while the materials are covered through the manufacturer. It is pretty common for a warranty for labour and materials to have a five-year period of coverage and can be extended depending on product or contractor.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been working with customers for over 60 years, helping plan and execute successful roofing working work with the help of family – three generations - to get the work just right. Once the right work has been accomplished a 10-year workmanship warranty is provided as our commitment to quality.

Some roofing problems stick out like sore thumb – missing shingles come to mind as one of the more obvious problems. But other problems can be subtler in nature but are still problems nevertheless. Leaks in downspouts may be a trickle today, but what will they be tomorrow?

When you talk to us about your roofing problems, we can send a service technician to your home for roofing system inspection that comes with an attic inspection also. Our tech will look for the root causes of the problems and provide critical analysis and written estimate to cover the roofing work. Our service tech will make a trek to the attic to check for problems, but the biggest concern is the attic insulation. You need a barrier between the shingles and the heat leakage that can be emitted from your home to keep the shingles in a good stat of repair. If the barrier isn’t protecting the shingles from the heat leakage, the shingles will dry out and crumble, leaving the roofing system in dire straits.

In the past, roof covering were limited to a couple of colours and styles for you to choose from. Now, with the advent of technology and design, we carry many different colours and styles for your review. Those styles and colours can be incorporated with a number of different materials like composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal sheets/shingles to cap off your home.

For a free inspection and no-obligation consultation that comes with a free estimate, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Port Carling

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