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Roof Replacement in Penetanguishene

The community of Penetanguishene is a historical marvel by Ontario standards; it holds evidence of the first semi-permanent native settlement – by the Hurons – in 800AD, and the first contract with a French explorer in 1604. The community on the shores of Georgian Bay played a large role in the War of 1812 and was the site of large British naval base during the conflict.

For community residents that need a roof replacement in Penetanguishene, AM Roofing Solutions is standing on guard for them. Fending off the attack of roofing degradation is an army of installers we use to storm the ‘ramparts’ to effect a quality roof replacement in Penetanguishene with the best materials to blunt the attack.

You don’t have to declare war on your roofing system to hire a certified contractor to provide a roof replacement in Pentanguishene, but a local call for ‘volunteers’ to ‘enlist’ for your roof replacement in Penetanguishene is the only way to go. The local roofing companies will have a local reputation and one that can be reviewed for quality to cement the relationship should one come to fruition.

To determine the type of ‘recruit’ you are getting for a roof replacement in Penetanguishene, you need to screen local contractors for professional bona fides. That means they need to hold a business license and insurance to be qualified to provide a roof replacement in Penetanguishsene.

To fight the roofing battle that a roof replacement in Pnetanguishene is, the contractor will have an army of volunteers (subcontractors) or a conscription army (a dedicated team). You don’t want mercenaries providing your roof replacement in Penetanguishene, as loyalty could be a question mark when dealing with people who are driven by money.

There are no guarantees in war, but when the roofing battles rage for a roof replacement in Penetanguishene, you can expect two warranties from the contractor. The first will cover his ‘troops;’ the work they do will be guaranteed by a labour warranty and the second will be for the materials used to complete the work. Both documents should be a five-year terms and that is pretty common across the roofing industry.

The last thing before you can make ‘peace’ for a roof replacement in Penetanguishene is a written estimate and it has some common traits with a ‘peace treaty.’ It will define how much the work will cost and who is responsible for what and when during the course of the job.

Our company has been making peace with our customers for the past 60 years of roofing wars and our infantry is our family – three generations – marching in lock step to provide quality-roofing work. When we win the battle over roofing problems our customer’s are experiencing we will provide them with a 10-year workmanship warranty that will keep the peace.

Roofing problems can have an air of a ‘sneak attack’ because the problems; initially are benign and really not noticeable unless you work in the roofing industry. It is hard to see from the ground when a shingle is curling or cracking unless you climb a ladder to look at the shingles. Shingle damage can be responsible for small water leaks and the next thing you know, you have a steady stream of water invading your attic.

A call to us at AM Roofing Solutions will have one of crack reconnaissance crew members ascend your roofing system and look over the potential problems that he will detail in a full report that comes with a written estimate. While on the reconnaissance tour, the next stop for observer will make will be in the attic. There, he will take stock of the insulation situation to determine the density level. You must have adequate density to prevent heat from flowing through the attic and penetrating the shingles. Nothing breaks down shingles like heat and the worst part is it happens without notice.

For heroes in battle, medals are awarded for valor, for hero’s in the roofing battle the medal is the covering for the top of the house. We carry many styles and colours that can spruce up you decor and we have composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal sheets and shingles on offer to complete the job.

 Call us today AM Roofing Solutions for a free consultation and home inspection of your roofing system at 1.877.281.6900.

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