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Roof Replacement in Parry Sound

Parry Sound is a quiet unassuming community that sits on the southern edge of Georgian Bay and has picturesque scenery that has attracted many members of the Group of Seven. The Group of Seven has international reputation for their paintings of Canada’s flora and fauna and their works hang in many galleries across the province and are highly sought after by private art collectors. Parry Sound gave the National Hockey League one of the greatest players ever to lace up skates, Bobby Orr. Orr was a hockey prodigy that put Parry Sound on the map and his injury-shortened career was one of the brightest the NHL has ever seen.

When the people of community need a roof replacement in Parry Sound, they call on AM Roofing Solutions to ‘stick handle’ around the problem. Our installers may not be of the calibre of Orr was to hockey, but we certainly have our share of Most Valuable Players on our roster. When our installers strap on their tool belts to go work, they are armed with the best practices and best materials that are available. Any roof replacement in Parry Sound is a Stanley Cup-winning performance and like Orr, we are champions at what we do.

Finding a roofing contractor that will provide a roof replacement in Parry Sound should start at the local level. You can see for yourself – from previous work – if the contractor has the skill to provide a roof replacement in Parry Sound and accessing other customers can have an impact on your decision.

Contractors, like hockey players learn their trade over time, but there is a subtle difference. Any contractor that you are evaluating for a roof replacement in Parry Sound will have a license to operate as a business and insurance.

Next thing to contemplate when evaluating a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Parry Sound is the crew he will ‘ice’ to complete the work. Some bring in others – sub-contractors – and other companies have a roster of dedicated professionals to provide a roof replacement in Parry Sound. Stay with the dedicated crew as it means continuity is important and a cohesive team is a successful team for a roof replacement in Parry Sound.

In a hockey game, the home team can’t guarantee a win, but a roofing contractor can guarantee a win for a roof replacement in Parry Sound with two documents. Warranties, for work and materials are a win for any homeowner and the longer the term the better, but most warranties encapsulate a five-year period.

To hoist the championship trophy for a successful roof replacement in Parry Sound, a written estimate from the contractor will be the game-winning goal. The estimate will hold all the costs and it contains any special details that are required to finish the job and it is the security that a homeowner needs before he signs for the work.

Our franchise, AM Roofing Solutions has over 60 years providing ‘winning’ roofing work and we have all the talent necessary to complete the work. Our family – three generations – has been working the ‘corners’ and getting to the ‘front of the net’ and when we score the winning goal that completes your roof replacement we provide a 10-year warranty for labour as our promise for quality workmanship.

Playing hockey means having good ice to skate on and if you are playing pond hockey you always want to investigate the surface to make sure it is thick enough to accommodate the skaters. It takes an examination and when you are attempting to deduce roofing problems you apply the same logic, you investigate. A quick look at shingles will reveal any inconsistencies; water stains in the attic are symbol of damage to the roofing system as are leaky eavestroughs.

To get our company off the ‘bench’ and into the ‘game,’ a preliminary telephone conversation will have one of qualified technicians come for an evaluation of your roofing system and attic. Our technician will take into consideration all the prevailing problems and create a written estimate to solve them and then he will move on to the attic. It is important that you maintain a reasonable level of attic insulation to protect the shingles. Insulation is a heat barrier for your roofing system and insulation prevents unwanted heat from damaging the shingles through heat leakage from your home. 

To count a roof replacement win in standings, you need to choose a covering from many different styles and colours available through our company. We carry cutting edge materials that are the toast of the industry, from composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and he newest material on the market, metallic-roofing products.

For an exhibition of skills and abilities, call us today for a no cost evaluation and free home inspection at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Parry Sound

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