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Roof Replacement in Orillia

Orillia may have incorporated as a village in 1867, but its’ roots date back much further in history. Relics discovered in the area have dated the area’s existence some 4000 years with the discovery of artifacts linked to the Huron’s who are the original inhabitants of the area. Population growth that was spurred in part by economic development and like many other communities that dot Ontario the economic base was sustained by agriculture and forestry. At AM Roofing Solutions, we don’t have the historical record as Orillia but we have provided roof replacement in Orillia for over 50 years.

Our reputation in the residential and commercial roofing industry is well regarded due to our commitment to provide the best roof replacement in Orillia using highly qualified roofing technicians. Our roofing technicians all trained and certified, and have many years experience working on homes of many distinct types. Heritage homes, mid-modern designs and new homes have had a roof replacement in Orillia by our company and our workmanship is only surpassed by our attention to detail when it comes to providing a roof replacement in Orillia.  

A roof replacement in Orillia is a once in a generation experience, finding the right roofing contractor to provide a roof replacement in Orillia can be a daunting task. Making an evidence-based decision surrounding who is able may provide a roof replacement in Orillia constitutes development of checklist of pertinent details up for consideration.

When you commence your search, start with a tight circle and look for local roofing contractors who have community connections to local work that they have performed. A quick check of a couple of the jobs a roofing contractor has provided will give you an indication if he is the best solution for a roof replacement in Orillia. Satisfied customers are always happy to share their stories, and on the flip side, unhappy customers are equally happy to share their stories. If the work you’re examining comes with a satisfied customer’s reference, the roofing contractor that is being evaluated has crossed a major hurdle.

Insurance plays a big role in validating a contractor; if the estimate you receive from a contractor is extremely low it could be due to the fact that the contractor isn’t carrying any insurance. All roofing contractors who are legitimate will carry some type of insurance and will provide verification upon request.

Find out of the company that you are evaluating for a roof replacement in Orillia is a traditional contractor or one who will hire a sub contractor to complete the roof replacement in Orillia.

The last pre-condition to consider when choosing a roofing contractor is a written estimate. The written estimate is the protection that shields homeowners from unforeseen expenses that weren’t discussed at the time of the estimate.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we are a four-seasons residential and commercial roofing company that has exceeded the all the pre-conditions for a roof replacement in Orillia with a professional approach to a roof replacement in Orillia.

A call to us for consultation will see one of expert consultants attend your home for a detailed inspection that will look at the entire roofing system, not just the shingles. What our consultant will look for are signs of damage to the roofing system. Things like curled or cracked or missing shingles could spell trouble, water damage to the fascia, or rain gutters that are pulling away from the house mean the roofing system is in distress. Inside your home, our expert will check the attic for watermarks on the rafters and measure the attic insulation.

Attic insulation provides a barrier to the weather internally and keeps the shingles in a good state of repair by regulating the heat that emanates from attic.

After a rigorous inspection has concluded, our expert will lay out the problems and the solutions for a roof replacement in Orillia. The explanation will come with a list of options for a roof replacement in Orillia and a free, no obligation, written estimate will follow.

We have multiple types of shingles – fiberglass and asphalt – that come in colours across the entire colour palette with styles that will accent your architectural design. For those who want to put an exclamation point on their roof, we have cedar shingles and shakes to make your roof replacement in Orillia ‘pop.’ Metal roofing systems have become extremely popular recently and we have all the most popular type of surfaces for your roof replacement in Orillia.

Call us today at 1.877.289.6900 for your roof replacement in Orillia by AM Roofing Solutions.

Roof Replacement in Orillia

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