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Roof Replacement in Muskoka

The history of Muskoka dates 12,000 years – it is part of the Canadian Shield that was created when the last Ice Age moved through and a large glacier scraped away surface soil that left a rocky, barren surface exposed for many centuries. What the glacier did do – among other things - was expose rich mineral deposits that sat underground waiting to be discovered a few millennia later. Natives that colonized the area long before Europeans arrived in the early 17th century. Samuel de Champlain made the first contact with the Native community, Champlain was a noted explorer of early Canada and missionaries followed his expedition and created a mission that was the first sign of integration of the area.

In the community, homes need maintenance and a roof replacement in Muskoka will be a periodic need, but when it is AM Roofing Solutions is best positioned to provide exemplary service.

Excellent materials and the best team in the area are some of the qualities that you are purchasing when you buy a roof replacement in Muskoka. There are many roofing contractors out there, and it absolutely necessary that you choose wisely when you hire a contractor for a roof replacement in Muskoka.

Look in the area for a contractor, and ask about previous work for a roof replacement in Muskoka for validation of the ability that contractor brings to the table. You can talk to other customers who have had a roof replacement in Muskoka for a reference if the work was satisfactory.

A professional is the only way to go for a roof replacement in Muskoka and the way to find out if you have found your contractor is to check his credentials. Any roofing contractor who isn’t a seasonal contractor will have insurance and licensing for the work he does.

A roof replacement in Muskoka is a labourious task and requires manpower to get the job done. One of two methods can be used to staff a roof replacement in Muskoka; the first is the crew that the roofing contractor has at his disposal. The other is through the disbursement of the work to a subcontractor – you need to know who is providing the roof replacement in Muskoka and that means asking the contractor.

When you are investing in your home for upgrades – the work requires two things, labour, and materials for a roof replacement in Muskoka. Both should have warranties attached to them and the duration is directly proportionate to what you are willing to pay for the job, so be careful that your economizing for the work and material isn’t your undoing. Most warranties are for a five to 10-year period for labour and materials warranties vary, depending on the product and duration it is expected to last.

The old saying is that talk is cheap – and it is as right now as when the statement was first uttered. The point is, get a written estimate for the work you are buying from a contractor, empty promises are just that – so protect yourself with the written estimate.

When you reach out to our company, AM Roofing Solutions, you can count on the details being spoken to and there will be no uncertain terms when you purchase work from our firm. After 60-years, we have learned a lot about roofing and how to keep our customers happy with the work we provide to protect their homes. Great products and outstanding personnel; give us a leg up on the competition and when we complete roofing work a 10-year workmanship guarantee will protect the homeowner’s investment.

Detecting roofing problems – for those who have limited expertise in roofing – shouldn’t be all that hard to identify. If you have a ladder and some spare time, a look at the shingles can be revealing. If you see cracked, curled, or missing shingles it is a pretty good indicator that there is something wrong. Other clues that can lead you to the conclusion that a roofing work is a necessity is overflowing at rain gutters during the rain, water stains on the fascia or leaks inside your attic mean water are traveling in a way it shouldn’t. Another way you will know you have roofing problems is the temperatures in your home in summer and winter. If is hot in the summer and cold in the winter it means that your roof isn’t keeping heat in and work in the attic and the roof is in order to correct the problem.

A brief call to our office will have a service technician arrive at your home for an inspection and consultation to advise you of the current problems and solutions to correct them. Once your inspection is complete and service tech can amass a plan of attack, and a written estimate will be issued as a token of our good faith.

The estimate notwithstanding, we want to advise you that we can provide with different material to re-cover your roof with. We have asphalt, composite, cedar – shingles, and shakes – and metal products to apply to your roofing re-cover based on your needs.

Remember roofing work isn’t something to put off – if see problems contact us right away – the quicker you do the more you can save in extra repair/replacement costs if you wait.

For a free inspection, no-obligation consultation, and free estimate call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Muskoka

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