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Roof Replacement in Minett

The town of Minett is in the Muskoka Lakes region of Ontario and sits in the southern half of the Canadian Shield. The area is predominantly rocky and outcroppings of large boulders and rocks dot the scenery and have for hundreds of years. The main industry was logging once upon a time, but with he depletion of the trees, the community turned it sights on tourism and the rest is history.

For townsfolk who need a roof replacement in Minett, AM Roofing Solutions is the only choice for tour guide to traverse the problems of a needy roofing system. Our installers are like a beacon in our industry, illuminating problems and using top-quality materials to solve them.

To get from start to finish for a roof replacement in Minett, you need to focus your efforts on hiring a contractor who will meet the needs of your roof replacement in Minett. Many contractors work locally, so find one in the area who has completed a roof replacement in Minett to decide if the work is satisfactory for your purposes.

The dividing line for contractors is at the altar of accreditation – that perspective contractor needs to hold a municipal license and carry insurance for his business-related activities for a roof replacement in Minett.

Getting the project off the ground for a roof replacement in Minett is the crew who will be charged with the physical installation of the roofing materials. There are a couple of ways to achieve the installation goal – one is through a crew that the contractor has assembled for a roof replacement in Minett, the other is to hire out an independent crew. There is a lot to be said about a contractor who maintains a crew and the security it provides through a higher degree of confidence in the contractor is most important for a roof replacement in Minett.

For a job of the magnitude of a roof replacement in Minett, warranties will need to be on the table when negotiating with a contractor. Discussions around materials and labour are both items that can be warrantied and in the roofing business both warranties should hold for a five-year period of time.

To get to the conclusion of the investigative phase, a written estimate should be the last piece of business for a roof replacement in Minett. The estimate provides cost containment and keeps both parties on the same level of understanding for what is to be expected for work that will be conducted.

In 60 years of service to our business, we at AM Roofing Solutions have gone above and beyond expectations to create a unparalleled experience for all our customers and our family – three generations – has made that experience a pleasurable one. Creating happy customers is our business and they smile when we finish their roofing work and leave them with our signature 10-year workmanship warranty.

We have been asked the same question many times: How do I know I have a roofing problem?

There is some simple signs that can tell you when you may need some help and they come in the form leaks in the attic, missing shingles or drainpipes that are leaking.

A liaison with our office will see one of our qualified service team members come to your home to inspect your attic and roofing system for faults and flaws. Once the problems have been itemized an estimate for the work will be forthcoming for your review. Before our team member leaves your home he will take a look at the attic insulation to determine of you have enough density. Insulation density does two things, first it keeps heat in the house and second it keeps heat from the shingles. Shielding the shingles from heat will prolong the shingle’s life because they weren’t made to withstand excessive heat radiation that comes from the house through the attic.  

We have many different options for styles and colours for roof coverings and we carry a number of different materials to complement the styles. Composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal roofing products are great choices for any home.

To book a free inspection that comes with a no-obligation consultation and free estimate, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Minett

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