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Roof Replacement in Mactier

The community of MacTier sits is the midst of the Muskoka Lakes district and is using the beautiful countryside to help with an entrepreneurial endeavour that pays dividends every year. The ‘Big Weekend Festival’ that the community hosts during the civic holiday long weekend in August is a boon for the community locally. The festival attracts many visitors to MacTier for a plethora of events that would interest a diverse group of visitors and in cottage country the visitors can top the thousands on a long weekend.

When a roof replacement in MacTier is on the agenda for local residents they call on AM Roofing Solutions Ltd. to supply a solution. Our cadre of staff is top of the mark and the materials that we use are well known across the roofing industry for a roof replacement in MacTier.

If you have never had a roof replacement in MacTier in the past, you may not know about a process to hire a qualified contractor to provide a roof replacement in MacTier. To locate a contractor, start your investigation locally to source out roofing contractors who have provided a roof replacement in MacTier and evaluate the results.

To help legitimize a contractor’s claim as a ‘professional’ for a roof replacement in MacTier – validation is the key. Ask to see his business license and current valid insurance for his business before you hire him for a roof replacement in MacTier.

To bring the work to a successful conclusion, the contractor will need a team of installers. Installers can work for the contractor specifically for a roof replacement in MacTier, or they can be ‘free enterprisers’ (subcontractors) that move from contractor to contractor as work requires. While the nomad installer has expertise and abilities, you need someone who is stable if there is a need after the fact.

Warranties can be the difference between signing a deal and not if the terms of the warranties don’t meet the needs of the customer for a roof replacement in MacTier. Labour is guaranteed by the contractor and materials are guaranteed by the supplier and should a term of five-years at least – if not you could be in for substandard materials or labour.

To complete a successful consultation with a contractor, you should receive a written estimate for the price of the work and everything that is required to complete the roof replacement in MacTier. Handshake deals are a thing of the past and it is imperative to cover yourself in the case of eventualities that could crop up.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, have over 60 years in the roofing business and we have been steering out customers in the right direction for all their roofing work. Driving the direction is our family – we have three generations of family creating happy endings for our customers and when they are done, we supply a 10-year labour guarantee for the work.

Paying attention to your roofing system is afterthought for most homeowners, but if you spend some time investigating your roofing system you will be able to see the start of roofing problems when you know what to look for.

Missing shingles, leaky downspouts and water stains are all problems that can be easily detected and when they are a call to AM Roofing Solutions should be in your future.

When the call comes, we will send out a service tech for inspection of your roofing system and attic. He will take a visual inspection tour of both locations and come back with an estimate to get the roofing system back up to standard. Once in the attic, our tech will measure your insulation density to see if there is enough to prevent heat leakage. Stopping heat leakage solves two problems, first is saves money on the home heating bill and second it protects the shingles from heat radiation. If heat radiation is allowed to permeate the shingle system it will cause damage because shingles weren’t created to stand excessive heat.

In our inventory for shingles, we have a variety of colours and styles for you to choose from and we have many different materials to choose from also. Composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal roofing coverings are available at a price point for every customer.

To book your roofing makeover, call AM Roofing Solutions today for a free inspection and no cost evaluation at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Mactier

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