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Roof Replacement in Huntsville

Nestled in the hilly terrain of the Canadian Shield, the largest city in the Muskoka region, Huntsville is the vacation capital of the near north. Like many other communities, Huntsville finds its’ roots in the early 19th century as settlers made their way north. A burgeoning tourist economy has seen Huntsville grow with housing dotting the landscape renown for its’ vistas. For the past 50 years, AM Roofing Solutions has been the only choice for a roof replacement in Huntsville based on business principles that few can match.

We take pride in our workmanship and that is what our customers have come to expect from a roof replacement in Huntsville by AM Roofing Solutions. As a three-generation, family-owned and operated business we are dedicated professionals that use only industry standard techniques when installing a roof replacement in Huntsville to provide protection for our customer’s most important asset, their home.

If you have never had a roof replacement in Huntsville, it can be a trying experience to determine whom you can trust and whom you can’t. Like choosing any contractor, a list should be developed to help as guide to determine a contractor’s legitimacy in the field of roofing system replacement.

Identifying local contractors who have done work in your community is a must. The work provided by the contractor can be easily checked and the previous customer consulted to determine the level of satisfaction that was derived from the roof replacement. Check with the contractor to find out if he carries insurance and a license for the work that you will contract him to perform. Find out if the company will install the roofing system or use a subcontractor to handle the chore. Most roofing companies’ offer a workmanship warranty if it is less than three years it could be a sign that the company can’t stand behind their work. Also, find out what the manufacturer’s warranty is on the materials if any, but most reputable shingle products will have some type of warranty coverage for their product in the event of product failure. Last but not least, will the contractor put an estimate in writing and honour it should you chose that contractor.

AM Roofing Solutions has been meeting and exceeding expectations of potential customers by demonstrating that a roof replacement in Huntsville will be performed with quality materials, in a timely manner, by qualified professionals with years of experience.

When you have decided that AM Roofing Solutions passes the test for contractor evaluation, a professional consultant will come to your home and take stock of your current roofing system situation. A thorough inspection inside and out, a review of the attic insulation and drainage system will provide the tech with a basis to discuss options.

If shingles are damaged or missing or the granules are starting to disappear from the shingles it is clear indication that work needs to be done. Eavestroughes are another likely source of problems should they not be draining the water off the roof and away from the foundation or leaking and running down the fascia. Water stains on the rafters inside the attic indicate that the surface has been breached and the decking could be at risk due to the unforeseen problem. While in the attic inspecting the rafters, the investigator will check the attic insulation. Attic insulation is the unsung hero of any roofing system. Insulation was designed to keep the attic temperature the same inside as outside and if the attic is holding too much heat due to poor or inadequate insulation, the shingles above are in danger to degradation due to overheating.

Once our tech has completed his investigation, he will sit down with you to explain the problems, and offer solutions for your roof replacement in Huntsville. Once the options have been settled a written estimate will be provided a price guarantee for the work required.

Our company has installed roofing system solutions on all types of roofs and whether your roof is flat or sloped you can expect a quality roof replacement in Huntsville by our company.

We have many different types and styles of shingles that come in asphalt or fiberglass materials, for those who want to make a statement, we have cedar shingles and shakes and for those who think a metal roof replacement in Huntsville is their choice we have a number of different styles to choose from.

When you have a roof replacement in Huntsville from AM Roofing Solutions, you can count on a 10-year workmanship warranty that is by far the best in the industry. Call AM Roofing Solutions today to book your no obligation, free estimate and consultation at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Replacement in Huntsville

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