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Roof Replacement in Hamner

Hamner is a small community that sits just outside of Sudbury in the mid-area of he Canadian Shield and like many other communities in the area the economic benefits come from resources that are deep in the ground in the Canadian Shield. Every summer the community holds a Valley East Festival that features many different activities that are all free for any visitor to partake in.

For the populace of the community, whether festivalgoers, or townspeople, they can count on AM Roofing Solution to provide a roof replacement in Hamner when the necessity dictates. Our roofing staff has many years as the power behind any roof replacement in Hamner and we provide them with quality materials to complete the work.

When you have detected problems and realize that you need a roof replacement in Hamner, the first thing to do is find a contractor who can complete your roof replacement in Hamner. The search should be confined to a small circle locally to vet potential contractors and the work they have tendered for roof replacement in Hamner.

You have developed a short-list of candidates, now you must determine if they are professionals or not. This is an easy assessment for your roof replacement in Hamner as you all have to do is ask for proof of insurance and a business license for the work being discussed.

Labour is a key element of any roof replacement in Hamner and it can be provided in a couple of different ways. Some contractors hire out for a roof replacement in Hamner meaning they use subcontractors for the work. Other contractors are more established and they have a crew at the ready for a roof replacement in Hamner and it bodes well for the homeowner to stay with an established crew.

In many instances, warranties for a roof replacement in Hamner will take precedence over other less important details that encompass the job. The contractor is to supply a labour warranty and the materials will be warrantied by the manufacturer. The warranties issued should span a five-year term and if they don’t it should raise a red flag with regard to quality in workmanship and materials.

Price point is the most important factor to any homeowner who is having major renovations done to their home and it is more than important to lock the price in with a written estimate. In the roofing business – when dealing with a reputable contractor – an estimate for the work goes without saying. Don’t agree to anything that isn’t in writing with a firm controls on cost and labour – otherwise it could be increased costs you are dealing with.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have over 60 years service in the industry and we meet or exceed all the pre-requirements of a customers pre-screening process before we provide roofing work. The muscle that puts the shingles on the roof is our family- we have three generations of family working to meet the obligation of a quality-roofing job and when they are done we supply a 10-year labour warranty.

A vigilant homeowner will inspect his roofing system regularly to find faults and flaws in the structure and impediments that prevent the system from working at a 100 per cent. Damaged shingles, leaks in the attic or drainpipes cry out for service and we will be there when you call.

Our service tech will take stock of situation vis-à-vis an inspection of the roofing system and the attic and then present his findings in a written estimate to cover all the work. The attic inspection is done solely to determine attic insulation density, and it is the density that protects the shingles. Heat rises from the home through the attic and to the shingles if less than adequate insulation is present. When that problem occurs, it means heat is venting and the shingles are taking the hit. Shingles weren’t made to absorb large amounts of heat and they will wilt and crack if they are forced to do so.

Technology has come a long way in the last 20 or so years and it is reflected in the styles and colours of shingles available and the materials that they come in. Composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal coverings are all part of our inventory for you to choose from.

To have AM Roofing Solutions come to your home for a free consultation and roofing system inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900. 

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