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Roof Replacement in Gravenhurst

The town of Gravenhurst was known by different monikers before the name was originally settled on back in the early 1800’s. The prosperity of the town was dependent on a road that was built from Toronto – later known as Yonge St – to the north to connect the towns and communities with greater civilization known as the  ‘Big Smoke.’ Once the road was cut out of the countryside, another industry sprang up and it was tourism. City people from Toronto flocked to Gravenhurst to escape the heat and oppression of the city and steam boating on lakes in the Muskoka region were all the rage. Known as the Gateway to the Muskokas, Gravenhurst is positioned at the midway point of the near north and is a paradise for cottagers and outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen for over 100 years.

Cottages and homes in the area will need a roof replacement in Gravenhurst and when they do AM Roofing Solutions stands out as roofing contractor that provides quality work with the highest-rated materials money can buy. To get a great roof replacement in Gravenhurst, you need one very important ingredient – great installers – to bring the project to a conclusion. Our installers are the crème de la crème, and they work is well known across Ontario as the best that can be had for a roof replacement in Gravenhurst. 

Roofing is an extremely competitive business, there are many companies that will tell you they are a going concern, but for a roof replacement in Gravenhurst, you need to find out about the contractor who will offer you a quote and some questions come to mind as a form of validation.

It starts when you look locally for a contractor for a roof replacement in Gravenhurst, local contracting means local work that will demonstrate results for a roof replacement in Gravenhurst. As a means test, you can ask previous customers for input and opinions about the contractor who they used, and whether would issue a reference.

Now, you want to separate the wheat from the chaff – so to speak -  and that means you want to know if the contractor is licensed and insured for a roof replacement in Gravenhurst. Don’t wait for an estimate that is so low it is too good to be true, ask about his background and where he is registered as a contractor. In many cases, contractors are already one step ahead of the game and have their license numbers printed on their trucks for easy verification.

A contractor who has an established crew means his business has structure and he is serious about what he does. If a contractor has come to your home to give you a quote for a roof replacement in Gravenhurst and says he uses subcontractors to fulfill the work it means he lacks a commitment to the industry.

A roof replacement in Gravenhurst should be accompanied by warranties that will cover two facets of the job, labour and materials. All contractors will warranty the work their crew provides for a determinate amount of time and the materials for the roof replacement in Gravenhurst will have a warranty attached. At the bare minimum, both should run for at least five years and if they don’t you may not want to purchase your roof replacement from that contractor.

It goes without saying that you don’t buy anything until you have a locked in price - for roofing work that means the contractor has a written estimate ready and waiting for you. If you have to ask for one it could arouse the kind of suspicion that would make you wary of the work that the contractor is offering.

Our company takes the guesswork out of hiring a contractor because not only do we meet the conditions for hiring a contractor, we exceed them based on history and level of experience. Sixty-or-so-years in the business is a long time to do anything and we credit our longevity to a few things – three generations of family for one – but our work ethic and 10-year labour guarantee are a couple of things that help stand us out. But the biggest thing we strive to do is provide excellent service for a fair price that is done to last long after we leave your residence.

We take the personal approach when it comes time to sizing up the nature of work and needs of the roof when we visit your home for an inspection. Our service tech will go over your roof with a fine tooth comb, create a strategy for solving the problems you have and give you a written estimate for the work he proposes.

You know you need a new when you have the following problems: Cracked or curled shingles, rain gutters that aren’t moving water, and water stains (inside or outside). When you identify one or more problems like these, contact us right away to get the problems corrected before permanent damage is done and it means major reconstruction of your entire roofing system.

Roof coverings can be chosen to meet the needs of the customer and we have a number of different choices to mull over. We have asphalt, composite, cedar – shakes and shingles – and metal roofing products that are better than good solutions for the top of your home.

You can nip problems in the bud when you see them on the roof by contacting us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no cost meeting, free estimate and inspection call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Gravenhurst

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