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Roof Replacement in Gordon Bay

Gordon Bay is a beautiful inlet on the shores of Lake Joseph and has been a playground for sun worshippers and day-trippers to the Muskokas for many years. It sits amid the Canadian Shield where many finger-lakes were left in the wake of the last ice age. Tourism is the mainstay of the local economy and the community can have thousands of people in the area any given weekend.

For the residents of the community that need to keep their cottage rentals n good repair or homeowners who need a roof replacement in Gordon Bay, the community will call on AM Roofing Solutions to meet the challenge of a roof replacement in Gordon Bay. Our installers are local people doing local work and they use the top of the line equipment and materials to provide a roof replacement in Gordon Bay.

If you have never needed a roof replacement in Gordon Bay but find yourself in need now, it is a relatively simple task to hire a contractor for the work provided you know what to look for in a contractor.

The best place to look for a contractor for a roof replacement in Gordon Bay is in the community itself. Work like a roof replacement in Gordon Bay is a trust building exercise, and the stronger the bridges the better the confidence you will have in a contractor for a roof replacement in Gordon Bay.

Next plank in the bridge building comes with verification of credentials for a contractor. A professional contractor has insurance and a business license to cover any professional activities that involve a roof replacement in Gordon Bay.

Another piece of decking that comes with evaluation process is use of labour for the roof replacement in Gordon Bay. Trust in the contractor who maintains his own crew as opposed to a contractor who hires from a pool of labour for a roof replacement in Gordon Bay – it demonstrates commitment.

Anchoring your trust bridge will be warranties for the work the contractor will provide along with the materials he will use to complete the work. The contractor guarantees the work and the materials he purchases for the work will have a warranty form the vendor. The warranties should be for at least five years each and if not it could cause your confidence to slip.

Before you can safely travel across the bridge with the contractor a written estimate will be required before you can cross the bridge with the contractor. The estimate is the contractor’s promise of the work to be tendered and for how much, without it you are taking a financial risk that is unnecessary.

For over 60 years we have been building bridges with our customers for their roofing work and it our quality-workmanship that has been the anchor of the trust we share with our customers. To gain our customers’ trust our family – three generations - have been the leading charge for all our roofing challenges and when they complete a roofing job our 10-year warranty is waiting for the customer.

How to know when you have a problem with your roofing system, it isn’t always evident but some common problems are easy to detect. Shingles that are no longer in place in the roofing system signals a problem. An eavestrough that is damaged or not moving water due to debris is a problem. Water in the attic is a problem and needs a contractor to immediately.

Calling on our company to investigate the source of the problems with your roofing system will see one of our expert technicians come to your residence for inspection of your roofing system and attic.

Once their inspection is complete an estimate will be provided that will include the problems and solutions for the roofing work you need. Once that is done, an attic inspection to look into the insulation density is part of our service. Insulation keeps the house warm and shingles cool. That is important because shingles don’t handle heat well and when heat leaks from the home over a long period of time it will damage the shingles and they become ineffectual.

For replacement shingles, we carry some interesting styles and bright colours for your roofing system that come in composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal roofing materials to cover your house.

To make arrangements for a complete roofing system review, call AM Roofing Solutions today for a no cost consultation and free estimate at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Gordon Bay

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