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Roof Replacement in Bracebridge

When settlers put down stakes in what is now the community of Bracebridge they did for purely economic reasons. An abundant water supply from three waterfalls and a river proved be the economic driver as the village grew by leaps and bounds. Bracebridge was the first community in Ontario to have its’ own hydro electric generating station and it was opened in 1894. When residents want a roof replacement in Bracebridge they reach out to their friends at AM Roofing Solutions. We are a family business that has celebrated our Silver Anniversary as a mainstay in the roofing business and our foundation is in our people. We have highly trained and certified roof professionals from the community and any roof replacement in Bracebridge will come with a 10-year workmanship warranty.

All homes, from time to time, will require a roofing system upgrade or replacement. Heritage properties through to homes that are less than a quarter of century old will see their roofing system fail at some point and to prevent excessive damage to your roof you need to know how to shop for a roof replacement in Bracebridge.

Hiring the right contractor to provide a roof replacement in Bracebridge will require thought and planning for the best results from your roof replacement in Bracebridge.

A local roofing contractor is always the best choice when assessing companies for a roof replacement in Bracebridge. Local contractors do local work and it will be an easy task to review previous work. Checking with past customers for references for work tendered by a particular roofing contractor can help validate the roofing contractor’s credentials. Municipal license and insurance demonstrate that the roofing contractor you are interviewing has the right professional accreditation to provide a roof replacement in Bracebridge.

A roof replacement in Bracebridge will require a crew to perfrom the work, ask the contractor who’s crew he will use. If he is using a sub contractor for the labour force, it could make for difficult circumstances should you need the sub contractor to come back to address faulty workmanship. Warranties for labour – usually in the one-to- three-year range – and materials warranties should be standard items offered with any roof replacement in Bracebridge.

When a roofing contractor is reviewing your current roofing system and reaches conclusions, he should provide an accounting in writing for the cost of the work the materials and any and all sundry details related to a roof replacement in Bracebridge in the form of a written estimate.

Your roof may not have the capacity to talk to you, but the condition of your roof will speak volumes if you inspected it. Shingles that are in a poor state – cracking, curling or lifting – are one of the first indications that the roofing system is losing its’ watertight seal. Rain gutters must be able to channel water to the downspouts and any interruption of water flow means leaks that cause damage. Improper or inadequate insulation in your attic is a recipe for disaster. Your attic insulation protects your shingles through insulation from heat that could build up in the attic. Heat and moisture can cause wood rot to your rafters and cause heat shrinkage to the shingles on the roof.

When you call AM Roofing Solutions for consultation, our field service technician will evaluate all conditions of all your roofing system components to determine what is the best solution for a roof replacement in Bracebridge. A written estimate will follow as well as a list of options for your roof replacement in Bracebridge.

As a going concern in the roofing business, we have a multitude of colours and styles of shingles in asphalt and fiberglass compounds. If the natural look is what you are looking for in a roof replacement in Bracebridge, cedar shingles and shakes make for nice upgrade. If price point and life span of materials is your biggest concern for a roof replacement in Bracebridge a metal roofing system may work best.

In Bracebridge, contact AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.289.6900. A no obligation, free estimate from one of our consultants is available for your convenience.

Roof Replacement in Bracebridge

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