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Roof Repair in Utterson

When you and your wife got married, you didn’t have a lot of money so you eloped, but you mutually promised yourselves a honeymoon when you had the money and time to pull it off. A decade and a half go by, you bought a house, got the big promotion at work and the kids are growing and maturing into young adults and you think that your work is just about done. College, a wedding for the kids and grandchildren all complicated things a touch in a nice way, but you and your bride still have high hopes for the honeymoon you missed many years ago. With all that has gone on in your life, you look back at one very important thing that will be the difference between the honeymoon in Hawaii and a trip to cottage country.

When the time came for a roof repair in Utterson, you jumped on the situation because you are a thorough believer in an ounce of prevention equated to a pound of cure. The roof repair in Utterson you needed turned out to be small in terms of financial outlay and the money you had set aside for a roof was now ready to be used for something else. The roof repair in Utterson provided another decade of service for your current roofing system and another small roof repair in Utterson may be in the offing but based on what the contractor told you, you have time on your side. One of the smart decisions you made when you decided you needed a roof repair in Utterson was hiring a professional for the work – you wanted it done right the first time, and you wanted to last. And that is what we gave you; as the premier roofing company in southwestern Ontario, we are AM Roofing Solutions. Our company is renown in the area as we have over 60-years in business, and any roof repair in Utterson will be done with quality workmanship that is supplied by some of the top roofers in our area. Working on the crew for a roof repair in Utterson is our family, they have been working with shingles and tarpaper for three generations and they complement our trades teams well. When we have made all necessary repairs for your roof system to restore it to working order, we have a 10-year warranty for workmanship available for the homeowner. This has been a staple of business since our founder set off on his first roofing job and he preached quality workmanship as means to keep customers coming to our company. 

Roof repair in Utterson, the sooner the better

  • When you think about your roof, what do you see in your mind’s eye? Shingles, probably, because that is what covers the roof and they are in big supply when you look at the top of your roof. Shingles act as a water mover and a cover to keep the weather out, so their work is always under pressure from the elements. The pressure they experience will cause them to break down from time to time when they will reach the end of the road for resiliency and start to erode. If you are cutting the lawn and see a piece of shingle in the grass, it didn’t get there by itself and you will need to investigate where it came from. Once you are on the roof, you can examine all the shingles to see how they are holding up. But one thing for sure, if you have shingles on the ground it can only say that there is more trouble on top. If the shingles are smooth – they shouldn’t be – or have cracks or some might be curling at the corners, you need help. Water will create more problems than you can know for your roofing system and a roof repair in Utterson will be the only way to preserve your roofing system.
  • The next place a roof repair in Utterson might be needed is for the valleys that will move the water that comes down in the form of rain or snowmelt. Valleys are placed at intersections on the roof and their primary purpose is to move water to the rain gutters and on to the ground through downspouts. Gathering water and streaming to the gutters requires a tilt or an angled roofing system for the water to flow to the gutters – if the water is flowing it means that the angle is off or it has flattened out. That is catastrophic for a roofing system because of the supports – being rafters to trusses – have been affected by water infiltration and it has caused the wood to warp or bow or sag. This is a very expensive repair for any homeowner and when it comes it is major work and it takes an engineer to get things right if the supports are damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced.
  • Once water gets to the edge of the roof is spills into the rain gutters and then off to the ground. Gutters are to be maintained as debris-free vessels of water travel and if they aren’t, water slows to the point of stopping and if enough water is accumulating it will run over the sides of the channels of the gutters. If the weight of the debris is heavy, it will impact the gutters supports lodged in the fascia and the gutters could come free if there is too much weight in the channels combined with the water. An open gap is the result and water streams down the side of the house, in either situation, you are playing Russian roulette with water leaks and that could have a fatal consequence for your home.
  • Topside on your roof, you will have a chimney and in some cases a skylight – while both items might make for a better quality of life – they can be a place for a large expense if a roofing problem were to become prevalent. Skylights and chimneys are waterproofed with caulking to prevent water leaks at the base of the chimney or skylight. The caulking needs to be swapped out periodically because nothing lasts forever so it is better to get the new caulking in a year earlier rather than a year too late. If water gets in the skylight, it is an easy fix, if water enters through the chimney it could be prolonged exposure to water that will equate to a high dollar repair for the chimney.

Utterson is like many semi-rural communities in the area of Huntsville and they boast some of the best snowmobile trails in the area for winter fun. Much of the tourism supports the local economy and the residents are an extremely welcoming community. To get their roofs fixed, they know a quick interaction with us make all the problems go away for good. For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate and roof inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Utterson

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