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Roof Repair in Rosseau

It has been two decades since you and your bride tied the knot, and a lot had happened. The purchase of the family home, the birth of two beautiful girls and the affairs that surrounded the growth of an ordinary, average family dominated the landscape you lived in. Routinely, you were outnumbered on family issues by the wife and the girls, but fairness was always at the centre of whatever issue is being discussed and everybody seemed to get something in the end and kept peace in the house. With growing children, you knew that you had to put some money away for their college educations for both girls and you set money aside in an RESP and waited for the fateful day when the kids announced their intentions. With costs exploding in the education sector, you have been fretting that the money you set aside for the girls won’t be enough to get them through a four-year university education. But, little do you know that you have an ace up your sleeve, over time, saving for the college fund, you also dedicated funds for repairs around the house, and you kept a watchful eye on your property to prevent small problems from becoming gargantuan.

When you saw a loose shingle on your roof, you immediately sensed you needed a roof repair in Rosseau and got on the case right away. You took no half measures for your roof repair in Rosseau, you engaged a contractor who has a great deal of experience providing a roof repair in Rosseau and the contractor you chose was AM Roofing Solutions. You couldn’t believe your luck when you found AM, they have 60-plus years experience in the roofing trade, their repairmen are tradesmen in their own right and the roof repair in Rosseau you got was beyond anything you could have ever hoped for.  At AM, we specialize in meeting and beating the expectations our customers have for us when we supply a roof repair in Rosseau because quality never goes out of style. Partnering with our top-shelf crew is our family – for three generations we have been the great Canadian success story – and our family owns a big piece of that success. When your roof repair in Rosseau is done, we have the longest warranty for workmanship in our business is available – 10-years worth or protection for our workmanship – and it is a staple from our inception.  

Roof repair in Rosseau; get it done early

  • For home roof repairs in Rosseau, there are two ways to go. You can get on top of the roof repair in Rosseau early and avoid large expenses or you can wait until you have no choice for a roof repair in Rosseau with all the accompanying costs. It starts where the shingles meet the roof and if the shingles are hurting they need to be replaced to provide an effective repair. Signs that shingles are waning will present themselves if you see decking where shingles are supposed to be you need help if you see shingles curling at the corners or missing corners, call a contractor for a repair. It will only take a little time to do and the cash outlay will be less than a full-blown repair. Too, when you have small problems addressed, you anticipate the larger problems that may come your way and you can intervene before it is too late.
  • Making your way across the roofing system, you will encounter the next stage of water drainage, the valleys. They get water from the shingles and get it moving towards the rain gutters for distribution away from the house. The valleys role in moving water can’t be taken for granted, water will penetrate any opening available and that is the big problem for the system. When you see your roof is not quite right and you can put your finger on it, you know that the rafters and trusses have been damaged by water. The off-kilter look will signal that the rafters and trusses have been damaged. They could be bowed, warped, or sagging, and when that is the case it could spell large repair costs if trusses and rafters need to be replaced for a roof repair to improve the performance of the valleys. If you don’t see warping or sagging, but suspect a problem nevertheless, check the attic and try a touch test for the rafters and trusses – spongy wood is never a good thing and that should be the tipping point for a roof repair.
  • If the shingle and valleys are doing their job draining water – the water will be sent to the rain gutters and the contents of the gutters will be channeled to the downspouts for eviction from the drainage system. From an efficiency standpoint, the gutter have to open and clear to get water to the desired location, if they aren’t open is impairs the flow of water and if the clog is big enough it means water problems in places you didn’t expect. Water and the weight of any clog in the channels could lead to the gutters being pulled away from the fascia, if that is the case, you have water teeming down the sides of your house and entering any crevice available. Too, if the gutters remain attached the clog can send water over the sides of the channel and down the side of your house, maybe not with the same intensity as water streaming through the gap between the fascia and gutters, but the result will be the same.
  • Keeping the skylights and chimney in a good state of repair will eliminate them as a potential source for water entry. The caulking that surrounds both items needs to be checked regularly to make sure it hasn’t cracked or shrunk – because when it does it is water torture for your roofing system. The constant drip will be noticed under a skylight, but a chimney is another story completely. If the water damage to the chimney is severe, you may have to drop the entire chimney to make a repair and that doesn’t come cheap, nor is it an easy task to perform.

When you visit Rosseau, one of the things you should do is visit the Rosseau General Store. It has been standing since the early 1900’s and when you walk in it is like you stepped back in time. When a roof repair becomes unavoidable, the locals will reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions get the situation in hand and provide the work needed to confront the problem. A no-cost meeting, free estimate, and free roof inspection is part of the package when you call us at AM Roofing Solutions today for a review of your roofing situation at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Rosseau

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