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Roof Repair in Port Carling

You had a break-in and the paranoia took hold and you have now locked down the entire house to prevent another unauthorized entry. Sure, the insurance would cover some of the valuables that were taken during the illegal entry, but the memories can’t be replaced and you feel violated that someone or someones entered your home without permission. In order to protect your most important possessions and documents you bought a safe and had it installed. Feeling a tad safer, you announce the purchase to your wife, and the eye roll you got was the classic ’what the hell are doing look.’ With the air let out of your balloon, you trudge, dejectedly to the den and look at the safe you had installed. The safe has become a source of ribbing from the family and you are constantly on the defensive for the purchase, but you don’t care because you have peace of mind with the security that the safe provides. But the problem with the safe arises, the handle that draws back the deadbolt has become unsecured – and you have no ability to open the safe door. You can unlock it just fine, but can’t get at the contents because you can’t get the door open. A call to the company that sold it to you revealed the worst, the safe you purchased has been recalled because of the faulty handle, and they will come to your house to remove it and install a replacement safe for a nominal fee, of course. The last thing you want to do is tell your wife, so you take a day off work and wait for the safe replacement and get your valuables moved into the new safe. The work takes a great of knowledge and it is a labourious process, but it is finally installed and the papers and assets have a new home. It took a professional safe engineer to remediate the problem you had and it was well worth the extra expense because you wanted a professional to handle the work from the beginning.

Most large-scale problems need a professional for the work and when a roof repair in Port Carling is the necessity, a DIY solution just isn’t in the cards. For a first-rate roof repair in Port Carling, you need someone who has experience and skill in the work, and that means hiring a contractor for a roof repair in Port Carling. When evaluating a contractor for your roof repair in Port Carling, you need a company that has many years experience and has seen it all so to speak for the work. When you find yourself in this situation and you need a roof repair in Port Carling, call us at AM Roofing Solutions. By far, we have the longest resume in the roofing business, we have been providing quality roof repairs in Port Carling and many other communities for over 60-years and our success is backstopped by our crew. We have some of the most talented journeymen roofing technicians in southwestern Ontario on staff and when the time comes for your roof repair in Port Carling; you should know that they will satisfy the requirements. Working on any roof repair in Port Carling is our family – for the past three generations they have been the inspiration and provided the perspiration for any roof repair in Port Carling. Our company has one of the longest workmanship warranties available for a roof repair in Port Carling and is for a 10-year period – most companies issue five-year warranties for their work.

Roof repair in Port Carling; keep up with the maintenance

  • A roofing system is the same as any system you have to run things around your house, it needs a healthy dose of attention and at times a little sweat equity to maintain operations. When you have roofing problems, some of the early signs a repair is coming your way start at the shingles. If you see shingles on the lawn, or upon closer inspection, you see them split or cracked, a call to a contractor should be made. Once one shingles start to fail it will be a domino effect and then water can enter freely and create havoc in your attic or in other facets of your roofing system. And once that happens costs for repairs will escalate and create financial hardships if the expense is one that comes out of the blue – like most roof repairs.
  • Part of the roofing system’s drainage system is the valleys that get the water moving during a rain shower or a seasonal snowmelt in the spring. Using the roof’s angles, the valleys will catch water and stream it to the rain gutters for distribution through the downspouts and along the ground for release. It is imperative that the valleys have a slight pitch to them if they don’t your roof might slightly off-kilter and that means water will find a place to pool and then into the attic through gaps in shingles. What this should tell you is that there are structural problems in the roofing system and rafters and trusses could use an inspection. If water is permitted to infiltrate the roof as a whole and it is absorbed by the trusses or the rafters, wood rot or mold is the end result.
  • Once the gutters accept the water, they are responsible for moving to the previously mentioned downspouts and then to the ground. In order for the rain gutters to do their job, they have to be free of anything that could slow or stop water from draining. Trees will interfere with the process due to leaves, pinecones or walnuts amassing in the channels, blunting the rain gutters’ ability to work. Clogs or blockage will get water spilling over the sides of the channels and then it is the side of the house that will see potential water leaks. If the problems have been ignored for too long the extra weight in the gutters could pull them away for the fascia and more water down the side of your house and did we mention more money for repairs will be the result.
  • Some homes have a skylight and most have a chimney and that could be problems for water leakage is they aren’t properly maintained. When a skylight is installed it is cut into the roof and needs to be sealed to prevent water entry. The sealant is a caulking compound and it will work great as long as it is in good condition. Once the caulking reaches the duration of its’ life cycle, it has been known to crack or shrink and the ensuing water leaks require a re-lining of caulking. If the chimney caulking or the brickwork are under pressure and could be a failing, the extent of the damage may not be known for years. If you check your gutters and clean them when you see material accumulating, take time to look at the caulking – two minutes work can save hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Port Carling has been affectionately known as ‘Hub of the Lakes’ for its proximity to water – like Silver Lake and Mirror Lake – and the area is paradise for those who like the outdoors.

When the lake landers need a roof repair, they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to float their boat. A no cost-meeting information secession, a free estimate and free roofing system inspection can be had when booking an appointment with us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Port Carling

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